10 Bamboo Pillow Reviews [Buying guide 2017]

A bamboo pillow can be the answer to all your challenges when it comes to falling asleep, which can result in fatigue and inability to perform your daily tasks. Sometimes problems can be related to medical conditions, however most people don’t know that the actual problem lays right where they sleep: in the bed. In this article I am going to include a top 10 list of bamboo pillow reviews, and hopefully after reading this guide you are going to make the right decision to help you have a better sleep.

There has been infidelity an increasing trend of these products which shows that more and more people are making the switch from traditional pillows to this type of cushion, hoping to find the right solution to their sleeping issues. There are no chemicals involved in harvesting bamboo plants, therefore the products manufactured from bamboo are 100% natural and harmless. On the other hand, cotton is grown by people in farms using all sorts of toxic agents.

What are the best bamboo memory foam pillows?

The first thing which comes to your mind on reading the word “bamboo” is a woody plant grown in tropical areas. Indeed, that is exactly what a bamboo plant looks like.

What you may not know, however, might be the uses of this amazing plant. As it is grown naturally and has a shredded structure, these plants have become an absolute treasure for industry manufacturers.

Thanks to their shredded structure, bamboo covers do not retain the heat which is a major problem with other memory foams. Also, since it is grown naturally, it contains no chemicals or any other pesticides. Thus, if you are looking for a cushion which is beneficial to the ecosystem and could keep you cool, the aforementioned covers deserve your attention. Without further redo, let’s jump straight to the bamboo organic pillow reviews.

01. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-LuxuryThis is the winner of my bamboo pillow reviews, taking into consideration quality, price and what other people are saying. As stated above, all products discussed today have one thing in common: their porosity. This one is not different. Rather, thanks to its Kool-flow micro-vented covering, this cushion has gone one step ahead to give you a cool good night sleep. The price tag might be considerable but the aforementioned benefits would go a long way in justifying it.

The first feature of this pillow which gained my attention was its Snuggle-Pedic technology. On searching further, I came to know that this wasn’t a purely technical term. Rather, it has its applications in the form of this product.

For example, one might have noticed that over the time, his memory foam cushion loses its shape as a result of extended usage. However, it is less likely to happen with the Snuggle Pedic Ultra Luxury cushion thanks to the technology used in creating the product.

Every time you are going to rest your head on this pad, you are going to feel the same excitement like the day when you first got it.

The versatility it comes with is simply amazing! Different people have different sleeping positions, but this bamboo organic pillow will satisfy you no matter if you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper. Furthermore, reviews suggest that it is perfect for stomach sleepers as well as pregnant women. As you can see, there is no situation where the Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury pad won’t be good for.

While it might not be designed to be a cooling pillow – since it doesn’t contain a cooling liquid, this cushion has all the traits to keep your head cool during the night. This is due to its shredded memory foam and organic cover combination. Add to it the Kool-flow Micro-Vented outer shell and you have a good night sleep waiting for you.

Also, since fighting climate change is a term in vogue these days, you could play your part only by purchasing this merchandise. There are two reasons of this. Firstly, this resting pad is made up of 43% viscose of bamboo – a tropical plant which needs no chemicals for its production.

Secondly, in refining the raw plant for converting it into a cover, two bio-friendly technologies have been employed by the manufacturer. These two factors are combined together to make this cushion a must-have for environment loving persons.

Another feature of the Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury range which doesn’t get enough attention is the height of the loft. Experts tell us that the pillow should neither be too thick nor too thin. Too thick and your head will angle upward, or otherwise and your head would tilt down.

Thankfully, the height of the loft of this article is neither too thin nor too lean, allowing you to have an excellent sleep.

Concluding my review, if you are looking for an organic pillow which, is neither too thick nor too learn, is inexpensive, this is the right choice for you.

02. Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow

shredded Hypoallergenic PillowIf you have been looking for a way to keep your head cool while sleeping, then this cushion made out of bamboo is what you need.

Looking at the features which made this type of headrest so famous, and the name of bamboo viscose rayon cannot remain hidden. By combining the porosity and eco-friendly nature of this amazing plant with the holding capacity of Rayon, the manufacturer has made sure that in addition to keeping your head cool, this bedding accessory could hold its own for years to come.

When you will use it for such an extended period, the outer cover is bound to get dirty. When it does, don’t worry as you can remove the foam and the cover, as they are both washable.

Another feature that deserves a mentioned is its customizable shredded memory foam. We know that all of us have unique tastes when it comes to the thickness of our pillow. While some of us want to keep it on the higher side, others prefer sleeping close to the ground. It doesn’t matter to which side you belong as long as you are using this one.

The foam could be removed without doing any damage to the inner structure, therefore you are free to experiment by removing the inner filling every night and end up with a thickness that is optimum for you.

bamboo pillow materialsBeing environmental friendly is another feature of bamboo made products. Take a look at other reviews and all they have done for the environment is using environment-friendly organic covers. This one though, has gone one a step ahead by using such chemicals that won’t be damaging the environment. Also, the concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds is so minimal that it won’t disturb the equilibrium of air inside your house.

The cover which is made up of this tropical grass is another notable feature. Being porous and breathable, it makes sure that the heat surrounding your head doesn’t remain there. How? Since the cover is breathable, it would serve as the passage of surrounding air in your bedroom. This air, as you might guess, will take away the heat which was troubling you.

Also, just like the first review, this one is also versatile. It has enough firmness in it for side sleepers who need something to support their neck and head in the right position during their sleep. Stomach sleepers could also use it because this option can be thin and soft, provided they take out the foam from it. As for the back sleepers, this organic pillow offers a support in its bottom third to cradle their neck.

When a manufacturer asks its potential customers to see what other people say about their products, you are bound to impress. However, as evident from the above mentioned features, this cushion also walks the talk with aplomb.

03. Soft Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Soft Bamboo PillowIf you have been looking at the price tags of the pillows which we are reviewing, you might deduce that we are going in the descending order. While the first choice was the most costly, the second one was less so with this one even less. However, just to assure you, we aren’t playing any such game. Rather, all we want to do is to provide you with enough information to ensure that once you have read this article, you are going to make the right choice to sleep well.

Throughout our life, all of us have purchased pillows that were either too firm or too soft. While the former category led to the loss of normal cervical curvature, the latter one exaggerated it. Both of these entities are unwanted as we are told by sleep experts. So, what to do? Get one which allows you to control its firmness or softness. This is where our third choice is coming into place.

It has been said that nothing is softer than tropical wheat. While this statement might be true, this cushion also has a shredded memory foam. When combined, these factors could make it either too soft or too firm. However, thanks to the careful nature of the manufacturers, we – the customers – have been given the freedom to choose how soft or firm we want this cushion to be.

This has been done by filling it with removable foam. If it turns out to be too firm, you could remove the foam and increase its softness. However, if you are a side sleeper, doctors recommend using firm pillows. For this, all you need to do is to add some extra foam.

neck alignmentAnother element related to this choice, though not to your comfort, is the vow taken by its manufacturers. They have promised to plant one tree for every item you purchase. Hence, if you want to add your effort in making the environment green, this is your chance.

Another notable feature of this item is that it reduces snoring. Snoring, as we all know, is caused when there is an obstruction in the airway when we exhale our breath. This cushion reduces snoring thanks to its contour shape which aligns your body to head and neck in such a manner that the airways always remain open.

Finally, this pillow is dust mite resistant, hypoallergenic, and could either be too firm or too soft depending on your preference. When looking through the prism of its price tag, buying it doesn’t seem to be a bad idea to me.

Thus, if you hate snoring or has a partner who hates you because of your snoring, are allergic to insects, and want to do something for the environment while you are sleeping, this product deserves your attention.

04. Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow

bamboo body pillowWhen it comes to producing expensive bamboo shredded memory foam, the name of Coop Home Goods deserves a mention. I have reviewed two of their items and both of them were in the upper echelons of the price. But again if the features are impeccable and the product offers you some sound sleep while keeping your head cool then there are very few persons who would look at spending this money – for only one time – with any discomfort.

Did I say anything about heat in the first paragraph? You bet I did. Thanks to the breathable bamboo-derived rayon and polyester blend cover, this cushion contains myriad of pores on its inner side. These pores serve to be the gateway for the surrounding air which, in turn, makes sure that the heat released by your head while you are sleeping is properly taken care of.

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to Coop Home Goods and this our forth choice is no different. It is a perfect match whether you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper. How? All hail customization!

By customization, we meant that this pillow is intended to suit your body style. When you are lying your stomach on it, both of its sides will bend to support both the upper and lower parts of your body. Similarly, when the back of your head would be on it, both the extreme sides would make sure that they provide support to both the head and the neck. Similar is the case with side sleepers who can go for this choice with no concern whatsoever.

body pillowWhen you’ll use it for so many sleeping positions, any cushion is bound to get dirty and this one is no different. The similarity, however, stops at this point because unlike most of the pillows out there the whole of this one is machine washable.

Thus, if you have children who can make the covers dirty – for reasons that cannot be mentioned here – don’t treat them badly as one round of your machine will clean the mess.

Also, if you live in a hostel or planning to go to a camp where there are lots of insects in the vicinity, this item has got you covered. In addition to being hypoallergenic, it is dust and mite resistant. Consequently, no insect will come close to your head while you are lying on it.

Finally, as is the unique selling proposition of almost every bamboo organic pillow, this one is made of materials and treated with such chemicals all of whom are environmentally friendly. Thus, if you belong to that limited category of persons who feel aggrieved at what their fellow human beings are doing to the environment, this option has got your back.

Concluding my remarks, this product isn’t the most inexpensive out there. A mere glance at its features, however, should be enough for you to forget its price tag.

05. Woosa Queen Shredded Gel-Memory Foam Pillow with Hypoallergenic Bamboo Cover

Woosa Queen Shredded PillowNormally, when you encounter a bamboo cushion, you expect two things on offer: a bamboo cover and an inner shredded memory foam. In some cases, you might be offered the luxury to add or remove the inner foam at will. While this foam offers all these three features, one thing which makes it unique is the spandex type inner coating. Thus, while its price tag is a bit on the higher side – which is a brave move considering the fact that this pillow isn’t so popular, the move looks pretty good when you look at its features.

We start reviewing this foam with the feature that makes it unique: the spandex type inner coating. Made up of the polyester-polyurethane copolymer, spandex is a stretchy, resilient, versatile, and comfortable fabric. Also, when it comes to being used an inside filling, one thing which proves the usefulness of spandex is its stretch ability.

When in sewn form, spandex could stretch to a considerable degree, returning back to its original shape and size every time the external force is removed. Thus, if the children are around and they are throwing the cushions up and down, don’t worry as spandex could sustain such beating.

Feeling inundated with science? Fear not as we have returned to your comfort. Looking after your comfort, are the two features of this item: the plush bamboo cover and the shredded gel memory foam. The plush bamboo cover is porous, breathable, and hypoallergenic providing you comfort and protection at the same time. What it is not is that it is not firm and this is where the shredded gel memory foam rears its head.

Situated on the underside of the cover, the foam provides the cover with the necessary support to ensure that it retains its shape while the foam supplants it with firmness. Hence, in addition to being soft, this pillow is firm, a must-have feature whether you are a side or a back sleeper.

Apart from firmness, one other feature supplied by the gel shredded memory foam is the shapeable comfort. Whether you are resting your head on it or are holding it between your thighs, it would shape itself with regards to its new position. This provides the optimal orthopedic support which all sleep types desire.

One misconception regarding this choice which stems from the usage of “gel” in its title is that it has an odor. For someone who has used it personally, I could testify that this pillow has no such shortcomings.

Since the term shortcomings have come forward, our fifth choice has one which didn’t impress me one bit. It is that it was too firm and heavy to my liking. While your degree of measuring firmness could be different to that of mind, still, this factor was a major turn-off for me. Also, it has a zipper on its lower side which renders that side unfit for use.

All in all, if you want a cushion which has wedded technology with tradition, and gives comfort, stability, and firmness at the same time, this pillow ticks all the right boxes to merit your attention.

06. Restwel Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam

Restwel Bamboo PillowSo far in this article, we have covered five different products. All of them have their own pros and cons, their own features, their own contribution to the environment, and their own prices. So, what makes this one unique? It’s the price factor.

For reasons that are unknown to us, this our sixth alternative is one of the most inexpensive ones of this review. However, when you’ll have taken a look at its features, you will come to believe, like me, that the price at which this is coming is a steal.

The first thing which you’ll notice after receiving your product would be the slight chemical odor. This, to me, was surprising given the fact that there is no gel inside this pillow. Still, as we have to live with our choices, all you need to do is to dry it out with your hair dryer and the smell would go away like it never existed in the first place.

Another thing which you will notice on receiving this shipment – and which might baffle you – is that instead of a receiving a cushion, you would receive a bottle. It is inside this bottle that you’d find the actual cover along with the shredded foam. Thus, once you receive it, don’t contact the supplier for giving you the wrong product.

Now for the tangible features and this cushion has an outer bamboo cover which hides the inner shredded memory foam. The outer shell is one of the most beautiful ones out there and its usefulness doesn’t stop there. Once you touch it, you would see that its porosity is tangible, allowing the cover to allow the air to go through it. This, in turn, helps dissipate the heat generated from your head while you are sleeping.

As for whether they are too firm or too soft, it all depends on your own preference. Some friends of mine who use it think it’s soft, while others think that it is too firm. For me, it’s neither too soft nor too firm which is a brilliant feature if you have any neck or shoulder related pains.

Onto the shredded foam and this is where you might notice that the manufacturer has employed a cost cutting technique. Unlike other bamboo organic pillows, the foam cannot be taken out nor can you adjust the softness or firmness. Hence, as far as customization is concerned, this cushion isn’t one of the best out there. However, for the price you’ll be paying, you cannot expect it to be too versatile.

Another negative feature is that it isn’t built for stomach sleepers. It is leaned a bit on the soft side therefore when you put your stomach on it, instead of keeping it above the ground, it might get a little too squishy. Hence, if you are not a back or side sleeper, this pillow might not deserve your money.

07. Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Bamboo Combination Memory Foam

Snuggle-Pedic Shredded PillowThere are a few things in the world out there which, at first glance, evoke out of you the “wow” compliment. Our seventh review, thanks to its peculiar shape, was one of them. Instead of being stretched towards the thicker side, this pillow is inclined towards the longer side. Still, as evident from the raving reviews which it has earned from its users, the gamble of going against the tradition has paid well for Snuggle-Pedic.

First of all, when I say that this cushion is long, the fact that it has a length of fifty-four centimeters proves my statement. You might ask: what is the advantage of going for such a long length? Well, there are two which I know.

Firstly, if you are a stomach sleeper, this product would provide support to your whole body. With this one between your legs, it won’t happen that one side of your body will be more tilted towards the other. Subsequently, there will be fewer pains.

Secondly, when you take a look at the price tag, you might concur that you could get two others for the same price. Keeping this factor in mind, Snuggle-Pedic has made sure that this pillow, alone, covers a full-size bed. Hence, you won’t have to purchase two of these for you and your partner.

The cover, which is made up of bamboo, also offers numerous advantages. In addition to being soft like any other organic cover, it is permeable to air. Hence, when the air would move between the cover and its core, your head will remain cool.

The manufacturer offers a twenty-year limited warranty and a ninety-day refund guarantee. Hence, if you don’t like this product, you can get your money back without too much hassle.

When you can get a twenty-year warranty, one thing is for sure: this item would get dirty in its lifetime. What to do then? Well, if it gets dirty, all you have to do is to put it in the washing machine – yes, it is machine washable. The outer shell won’t come off so don’t try and rip it off.

Another benefit of this pillow which comes directly from its huge size – it is almost 5ft tall, is that it would orthopedic support your body. For, while it isn’t thick enough, it has a generous loft which allows maximum neck and shoulder support to side and back sleepers. As for those of you who sleep on their stomach, this option has got you covered as well.

Finally, while it is made up of bamboo, the items still has the necessary eco-friendly chemicals that will keep it dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic. Thus, if you are planning to camp somewhere outside or live in a hostel where there are cockroaches, you are going to be protected during your sleep.

Concluding my remarks, our seventh alternative isn’t the cheapest out there. However, now that you have taken a look at its features, you might concur with my assessment that it is worth its price tag. In addition of replacing two cushions, it has all the necessary features of high-end bamboo pillows.

08. Good Life Essentials Shredded Memory Foam Hypoallergenic Pillow

Good Life Essentials PillowIn this article, I have heard many unique selling propositions with which every manufacturer wants to make their products famous. According to Good Life Essentials, this pillow stops snoring. To find out the veracity of this statement, I decided to take a look at the science of snoring. Here’s what I find out.

Snoring is caused when there is an obstruction in the airway when we exhale our breath. Hence, a question might arise, how could a cushion stop snoring? Well, anti-snoring headrests like this one have many things in common: they are travel sized, ergonomically fits your body and able to be dried at home.

There is one more thing, not described in the aforementioned list, that is common to all snoring pillows: they are thick. You only stop snoring once your head is perched a little above your body. This is where this product comes into play.

While it isn’t the firmest one out there, this one has a substantial thickness. That means that while your head will immerse into it, it won’t get down like other alternatives. Rather, the cushion has more than enough foam to hold its own.

We now turn our attention to the comfort provided and this is where its material of construction comes into play. It has an outer cover made up of bamboo whereas the foam is shredded memory.

While the bamboo organic cover will allow the passage of air close to your head, the memory foam is so fixed that it would provide customized gentle support to your body. For, whether you are sleeping side, back, or on your stomach, the pillow would adjust itself to your body, and not the other way round. Hence, in addition to staying cool, you will enjoy a good night sleep!

Taking a look at the downsides and what most people have complained is one thing: the firmness. As we have stated above, its thickness must be more than that of your average size pillow. However, if your neck is adjusted to a certain level above which it starts aching, this might not be the right choice for you.

Another negative – which seems to be a must-have for every bamboo pillow, is its odor. However, as you might guess, this is pretty common among the range.

09. CozyCloud Hypoallergenic Bamboo Pillow

CozyCloud PillowWhat makes this pillow unique? Is it the price tag? Is it its softness or firmness? Is it the customer service quality of Cozy Cloud? Well, none of them. The one thing which makes it unique, and a must-have, is the guarantee provided by its manufacturers.

If you have been paying attention, you’d have noticed that in the previous part of this article we focused a lot on whether a cushion was too soft or too firm. Be it too soft and those with snoring might raise hue and cry. Make it too firm and those having back pains will protest that isn’t right for them.

To nip the evil in the bud, Cozy Cloud have given you – yes YOU – the option to decide whether you want your pillow to be firm or soft. How? First of all, when you purchase it, you will decide whether it’s too firm or too soft or neither.

In case that the item doesn’t meet your expectations – being too soft or too firm – you call the manufacturer to replace it with the firmness of your side. For example, if it has come too soft for you, the manufacturer has vowed that they will replace it – FREE OF COST – with the same item, but more firm.

Another advantage – one which we are ought to take for granted from bamboo products– is its environment-friendly nature. This pillow has gone one step ahead of the rest in its love of the environment with the fact that apart from using copious amounts of bamboo, the chemicals which were used in its production were all environment-friendly. No flame retardant, no formaldehyde, no PDBE, and no toxic materials have been employed in its production.

If you feel oblivious of your duties towards the environment, this one still has got something to offer to you. How? Thanks to its air-vent and heat reducing cover fabric. While both of these entities are separate, they work hand in hand.

Thanks to the air-vent, this pillow would allow the surrounding air to make its passage around your head. This, in turn, would reduce the heat retention of the fabric. Even if it is humid out there, the fabric has a heat reducing capacity of its own meaning that it won’t retain any or maximum heat.

All in all, if you are looking for a way to reject the heat while sleeping, made up of environment-friendly materials, is soft, and is hypoallergenic as well, this pillow deserves a sliver of your hard earned money.

10. Memory Foam Neck Pillow

neck pillowAnd here is the last alternative of our reviews, but that does not mean it doesn’t have its advantages. Continuing with our “what makes this pillow unique talk”, one thing which really stands out, in a bad way for the customers, is the price. It is the most expensive product from our list. Thankfully, the uniqueness doesn’t stop there, otherwise we would have to ditch this option in the search of a better one for you.

If you have read its name carefully, the term “double contour” comes in it. What does this term mean? Does having double contours make this option more beneficial than a single contoured alternative? We are going to find out.

All of us know that our neck muscles are the most used/abused muscles in our body. Long rides, late working hours and late night study schedules don’t help them one bit. Luckily, to help them, you don’t need to go to a therapist. Rather, your neck pain will be relieved by using this double contoured pillow.

These are both an inexpensive substitute to other treatments and they do not have any kind of side effects. Moreover, by supporting your neck, they relieve that tension that its muscles have accumulated. Also, thanks to their contoured shape, these cushions never flatten out. Finally, by providing more than one contact points between your body and the resting pad, the decreased pressure on the joints.

Thus, while we have talked voraciously by the greedy nature of the manufacturers at the start of this review, the aforementioned benefits which this product provides proves to us that the price tag is justified. Considering the many benefits we mentioned above, ask a physician and he would charge you tens of dollars for giving one of them.

Also, the price won’t be one time rather you would have to spend it again and again on your treatments. Conversely, if you decide to buy this item, a one-time cost will keep you protected for years to come.

Another unique factor of this option is that unlike all the other bamboo organic pillows of this review, it hasn’t used shredded memory foam in its core. Rather, it has gone for the traditional memory foam. Maybe they have gone for the memory foam to make sure that the two contours retain their shape over the time.

Whatever the reason, using the memory foam to form the base has its disadvantages. The memory foam has made it firm. So firm that even the soft bamboo cover might not be enough to soften it. Hence, if you are looking for an extremely soft pillow – one in which your head gets immersed between the two extreme sides, this choice isn’t the one.

Also, in stark contrast to its price tag, it isn’t the most versatile out there. It has not been recommended for stomach sleeper thus better forego it if you are one.

Despite its disadvantages, I’ve no shame in saying that this pillow is my favorite of the lot. I have to sit a lot and my back aches like hell. During the night, I have used this product and it has kept my neck guarded.

Bamboo cushions: your ultimate guide

bamboo pillow reviews

If you recently heard about this new trend and are not sure what it is, then this guide will teach you everything you need to know about bamboo cushions, advantages and disadvantages and how to care for them. Furthermore, there are 10 options analysed which discuss the best organic bamboo pillows on the market. The outer shell of the pillow is made of viscose extracted from bamboo plants, resulting in a really soft feeling.

The inside of the product gets even better. A typical memory foam cushion is filled with large pieces of material, which can result in heat retention. A bamboo pillow has shredded pieces which allow better air flow and provide you with a cooling effect. If you have sleeping problems because of heat, then you might like to check our guide on cooling pillows.

Benefits of a bamboo organic pillows over the rest

  • If you suffer from allergies, then this product is the right choice for you. As mentioned already, bamboo plants are naturally harvested and there are no chemical fertilizers involved.
  • The viscose from which the pillow’s outer material is made has great absorbing properties, ensuring you don’t sweat during the night.
  • Suffering from neck pain requires you to be extra careful when choosing what you rest your head on. A bamboo cushion’s inner stuffing will help you have a relaxing sleep.
  • Apart from absorbing properties, this amazing plant is also known for its antimicrobial properties. Products manufactured using this woody tropical grass make no exception. A bamboo pillow can get rid of bacteria and other microorganisms.

If you don’t get enough rest during the night, have issues in falling asleep, then you might need to look for causes and start taking action. Your pillow is the first thing that you should change and see if things improve. The product we discuss here can help you overcome all these problems and offer you those relaxing nights.

How do you wash a bamboo cushion?

First thing you need to do is to read the instructions you have received with your product. As there are plenty of bamboo memory foam pillow manufacturers, each of them might have its own carrying procedures. Even if some of them allow machine wash their products, I highly recommend you just to steam clean your headrest. This is the best way to kill all bacteria and make sure you do not damage the outer cover.

Please bare in mind that as with just about any cushion, when unpacking it for the first time it might look damaged. Allow a few days for it to recover its fluffiness. The same applies for any bad smells you might notice the first day. The smell will go away as you are going to be using the pillow. The washing process is pretty much the same as the one described here on how to wash your bamboo bedding sheets.

There are various other testimonials around the web about bamboo bed pillows!

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