Best Bamboo Sheets Reviews for 2017

Thinking how we spend most of our life sleeping, it is absolutely normal to look for quality bedding. More and more people jump on the bamboo sheets bandwagon daily, so you don’t want to miss out on that. This article will cover bamboo sheets reviews of the most popular products on the market, as well as helping you decide on the best set of sheets.

Apart from the extra soft material, bamboo products are well known for being hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mite. A lot of people have been facing sleeping issues without even knowing how easy their problems can be solved. They think of all possible reasons from health issues to stress, but they don’t take into consideration the environment where they sleep.

Top rated bamboo bed sheets

Me and my team have put together an in depth guide about bamboo bed linen, teaching you how to choose the right product for you. It is important to know that the price of bamboo bed sheets might be a bit higher compared to cotton sheets, but weighting this against the plethora of advantages, for most people it is totally worth it. Following the last article where we discussed and reviewed bamboo pillows, now you can add sheets made from the same tropical grass to that and achieve that super soft experience and relaxing sleep.

01. Classic bamboo bed sheets by Cariloha

Classic Bamboo SheetsMade from the fastest growing plant on the planet, these sheets from Cariloha have everything which you can ask for in a bedding cover. They are made from environment-friendly methods, are breathable, keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, are easy to clean, and make you feel like you are sleeping on silk.

As mentioned above, many people are already aware of the fast-growing ability of bamboo in natural environments. What these people don’t know is how this ability helps them in the long run. Here’s the secret.

Because this exotic plant takes relatively short amount of time to grow, it needs little amounts of pesticides and fertilizers. This property of bamboo makes it less damaging to the environment that your average plant out there. So if you care about the environment, bamboo sheets deserve your attention.

Taking a look at the tangible features of this bamboo cover and its softness comes forward. Although it stems from the woody tropical grass, Cariloha has epitomized the softness of this fabric by mixing it with Viscose. This makes this cover almost twice as soft as cotton.

The coolness of this fabric also stems from its breathability. Since the fabric has a greater porosity than cotton – meaning it has more pores in it, it will allow unrestricted air flow during both the winter and summer periods.

Subsequently, when it would be freezing out there, the air flow provided by the fabric will keep you warm. Conversely, when the sun is shining at full intensity, the same porosity will provide coolness to come to your help.

Another property of this cover which stems directly from the rawness of its material of construction is its repulsion to skin allergens. Thus, if your skin gets irritated after sleeping on other chemical treated fabrics, this cover is a godsend for you.

Having said that, there is nobody denying that no chemicals were used in the manufacturing of this cover. Chemicals were used in the manufacturing phase to make sure this cover retains its texture and thickness for longer periods of time.

Another important feature of this fabric is that it is twill weave. While the term might sound technical, a twill woven fabric makes soiling and stains less noticeable than on sateen weave fabrics. Also, when compared with plain weave fabrics, they are more pliable and softer. Finally, twill weaving makes a fabric water resistant and long lasting.

Concluding my remarks, this fabric provides you many incentives in case you are inclined to spend your money on it. Apart from being durable, soft, and water-resistant, it is environmentally friendly, keeps you comfortable in all seasons, and is easy to clean. That is if you have children around who do what children normally do – provoking chaos – these covers thanks to their easy-to-clean nature are a godsend for you.

02. eLuxury linen set

Bamboo Sheet SetFor a company that was born in the 2000’s, a mere glance at the products of eLuxury Supply might not convince many customers about such young age. The customers are concerned with the quality of the products they are buying and that is where this manufacturer has defied expectations and won the hearts of its customers. It might not be the oldest in America, still, its products rival those manufacturers which fall in this category.

One of the main things which annoys customers is when the sheets start to pill. The bubbles start to form on the upper layer, making it extremely difficult for the onlooker to ignore them. Hence, the owner has no choice but to replace these fabrics. This is where these linens will sort you out.

For reasons that have probably something to do with its composition, this fabric simply does not pill. This feature makes this fabric durable and long lasting because with pills come loose fibers which in turn give way to abrasion. Thankfully, you will have no such problems after purchasing this fabric.

Also, unlike the above mentioned bed linens, this is not twill. Rather, to retain the originality of bamboo fabrics, the manufacturer has sided with the ultra-soft bamboo sheets. This eLuxury linen set with its coolness has the ability to give you a sleep of your dreams and not the other way round.

A problem which most bamboo cover users have with their sheets is that it isn’t deep enough. This, in turn, always leaves a corner of the mattress which remains uncovered. However, since this cover comes in different sizes, it has the ability to fit mattresses which are up to 18’’ deep. Thus, be it a queen size mattress or a gigantic split king mattress, this cover will keep it covered.

You might have incurred problem of a static charge from your previous fabric. While it certainly isn’t life threatening, it is annoying and has the ability to deprive you of a good night sleep. Thankfully, since this fabric has anti-static chemicals in its inner composition, you would incur no such problems from this cover.

Another feature of this fabric which is a given in almost all bamboo covers is its breathability. Our body releases heat while we are sleeping due to metabolism. This heat, if not removed, might add to the atmospheric heat to make sleeping on a warm night hell for you. This is where this cover will come to your rescue.

Since it has a porosity of a bamboo, the air flow will maintain unimpeded through this fabric. Subsequently, when air will be allowed a channel to move back and forth, it simply won’t allow the heat to accumulate close to your body. As a result, you will sleep in a cool environment and would wake up fresh.

Finally, two other “features” of this sheets set deserve your attention. One is its economical price tag and the other is the trust shown by its manufacturers. For, if you don’t like this cover, you have a 30-day money back guarantee. This guarantee makes purchasing this fabric a win-win situation for you.

03. Abripedic bamboo bed sheets set

Abripedic Bamboo SheetsExperts tell us that we spend almost a third of our time in bed. Hence, whether we like it or not, they are the sacred space where we want to be in all the time. Given the abundance of time that we spend on it, we are bound to settle down at night into a lush of harmony, comfort, and quality. This is where this fabric comes into play.

You might have noticed the term “thread count” in the title of this fabric. Is it that important? Yes, according to experts. To be honest, if your bed linen has a higher thread count, it doesn’t make sure that it is soft neither does it ensures that the sheets will be of higher quality. However, what they do ensure is durability.

Larger the thread count of a fabric, the longer it will last. You might say that cotton has higher thread count than bamboo and I have to agree with you. Cotton, however, lags behind bamboo in one crucial aspect: comfort.

Bamboo bed linen sets are known around the world for their comfort and this one is no different. Made from 100% viscose from this tropical plant, it has yarns visibly softer than that of cotton. When combined with viscose, the softness of this set, making it the softest fabric in the world.

The buck, as you might guess, doesn’t stop there. This bed cover set is single ply to make sure that the thread count isn’t merely a number but a useful indicator. For, thanks to its single ply, the threads are stronger and finer than their counterparts. These threads, when combine to form these sheets, make it soft and long lasting.

However, while the above-mentioned features might suggest you otherwise, these fabrics do have a drawback. They won’t last ages. After some years pass, they don’t offer the same quality to many users which I know personally.

Another drawback is that they do not fit. For example, if you have a mattress which is 18” deep and you want to cover the whole of it, buying this fabric might not be a good idea.

Coming back to positive points and the cover made of this amazing plant, is dust and mite resistant. Therefore, if you are living in a hostel where there are insects around or you have migrated to a new home which has not yet cleaned, the dust mite resistance offered by this sheets will enable you to have a good night sleep.

Finally, there are some precautions you need to abide by after purchasing this fabric. One of them is that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend that you wash it in hot water. Do it and the threads will come out. Moreover, to maintain the texture and softness of the cover, never bleach it. Also, if necessary, ensure that the heat is low when tumbling this cover.

All in all, if you want to enjoy the benefits which come with a set of bamboo sheets at a low price – but are also willing to ignore some of the drawbacks, this cover deserves your attention.

04. King ivory silky soft bed linen

Silky Soft bed sheetsIt doesn’t matter how much attention we pay to the features of a particular bed linen set. As long as the fabric doesn’t come in your price range, the features will serve as no use to you. This is where the buck stops for this fabric. Being the most inexpensive product so far in our review, it provides a brilliant combination of quality and price. Hence, if you don’t have deep pockets, read the below-mentioned features with attention.

You might have noticed that with various bamboo sheets, there comes a tag which says that machine washing is not recommended. If you are as much irritated with this tag as I am, King Ivory has solved this problem by manufacturing a machine washable cover. Just don’t treat it with hot water and the fabric will be fine.

Apart from being machine washable, this set breaks away from the tradition by being a satin weave. Without going into the technicalities, let’s take a look at what you can expect from this product.

On the aesthetics front, the satin weave gives this fabric a dull back and glossy surface. If it is not subjected to hard wear, this cover will produce a lustrous, smooth, rich looking outer surface. Also, while bamboo on its own is dust mite resistant, the smooth surface of satin weave also aids this linen set in shedding off the dirt with ease.

Another area where this bed linen surprises the user is after undergoing the first wash. Most users have told us that after the first wash, their products looked like a sheet of a heavy stock paper. However, before you go out and start wailing, just allow these linens to be air dry. Once air dried, they would become as soft and comfortable as originally intended.

An issue which you might have encountered with other king size sheets is that they barely cover the mattress. For people like me who are concerned with the aesthetics, there are a few– if any sheets, to hang from the side. Thankfully, this cover has solved this problem for me.

Apart from fitting the bed exactly as wanted, it hugs the mattress pretty snugly. Even after you have fit these sheets, there would be a good portion of it left to hang around the mattress, giving it a beautiful old fashioned look.

Concluding my remarks, it would be cruel if I ignore the dust resistant offered by this cover. Apart from the normal resistance which a typical bamboo offers, this set has used some environment-friendly chemicals to keep the dust mites away from you. Thus, if you have dust allergies or your skin contracts reactions from covers of other materials which have low dust resistant qualities, this product deserves your attention.

05. Bamboo king sheets from Luxor Linens

Bamboo King SheetsNo one likes a bed linen set which gets wrinkled once you step onto it. Neither does one likes a set which doesn’t fit the mattress properly. Providing you refuge from these two unwanted “qualities”, we present to you the Bamboo King Sheets from Luxor Linens.

Before suggesting how this fabric is wrinkle resistant, you ought to know why bed covers wrinkle in the first place. Two things: heat and water. For example, once you have washed your sheets in ample heat and water, its inner structure would get locked in crystal-like structure, giving way to wrinkles.

So, how is this material wrinkle resistant? While we do not know what happens inside Luxor Linens, there is a general answer to this question. A method known as “permanent process” – which was invented in the 40’s, treats the fabric with a dose of chemicals to make it wrinkle-resistant. That is unless you are hell-bent to inflict wrinkles on it, these bed sheets would remain wrinkle resistant.

Leaving the wrinkle talk behind, we turn our attention to the second nuisance discussed in the opening paragraph: linens that don’t fit mattresses properly.

Thankfully, you would not encounter the nuisance after paying for these sheets made of bamboo because they are available in a wide number of ranges for you to choose from according to the “depth of your mattress”. Hence, unless your calculation is wrong, this set would fit your mattress snugly.

Also, like other bamboo sheets, it is easy to care and you could subject it to your machine provided that the water is cold and the heat isn’t on the higher side. Moreover, since they are wrinkle resistant, you could use them straight away after drying in the tumble dryer. There is no need for iron, bleach, or dry cleaning.

Last but not the least is the unique blend of microfiber and bamboo which has two effects: good and bad. We will turn our attention to the former before explaining the latter.

Both bamboo and microfibers have one thing in common: porosity. They will make your linens breathable, allowing it to provide you comfort whether it’s scorching hot or freezing cold out there. Also, as you might guess, this particular bedding set is soft.

Now to the bad features and this product won’t last for ages. There is one simple explanation for this behavior: microfibers. We have been told that greater the length of the threads, greater will be the durability on offer by any cover. However, as the name “micro” suggests, the length of the fiber won’t be huge on this linen set. This raises some serious questions on the length of the time these sheets are expected to stand.

Finally, there is one thing which we haven’t unveiled about this bed linen set and which, depending on how deep your pockets are could be most/least important to you: price. Of all the bamboo linens that we have so far reviewed, this one is the most inexpensive. Hence, even if you don’t like its major drawback, the price tag might allure you towards this cover.

06. Linenspa soft rayon sheet set

Linenspa bamboo sheets setIf you have been paying attention, you might have noticed that most of the other bamboo sheets in this review were made from viscose bamboo. This one, however, is made from rayon. So what’s the difference? More importantly, which one of them would suit you better? Let’s try to answer these questions.

First of all, viscose bamboo is a fiber which made up of regenerated wood cellulose. On the other hand, rayon pertains to be a manufactured regenerated cellulose fiber. As suggested by these definitions which are taken from Wikipedia, there is little, if any, difference between these materials.

On to the second question which asks us to identify which one would suit you more. Only one word to answer it: both. This is because both of them have virtually no difference between them.

Coming back to the sheets from Linenspa and the addition of rayon from bamboo gives it an added incentive. Apart from making sure that your linens remain cool in summer and warm in winter, the addition of rayon ensures that the color of your bed linen set will stay true after numerous washes. Hence, as far as going fade is concerned, these sheets have no such drawbacks.

On to bamboo and its addition supplants this product with all the benefits which you can think of from a bamboo manufactured cover. The cover is soft, has a smooth texture, and would provide a secure fit on many mattresses. Also, thanks to its absorbent qualities, they are moisture wicking.

Still, to say that this bedding set doesn’t have its drawbacks would be an anomaly. The owner’s guide that comes with the prodct says that it can fit on depths “up to 14’’. However, as far as my own experience with mattresses goes, they don’t usually have a standard thickness.

That is to say that while your mattress might be covered by this 14’’ thickness, there is an equal chance that its thickness will be beyond this cover. And since it is the king size that we are talking about, I’m afraid that if the latter happens to you, you’d have nowhere to go.

Therefore, before buying these linens, make sure the thickness of the mattress is aligned with the depth covered by this set. One way of doing it is by measuring your mattress thickness before going out for linens shopping.

Another important factor to know about these sheets is that they have a satin finish. On the aesthetics front, the satin weave gives this fabric a dull back and glossy surface. If it is not subjected to hard wear, this bedding set will produce a lustrous, smooth, rich looking outer surface. Also, while bamboo on its own is dust mite resistant, the smooth surface of satin weave also aids this cover in shaking off the dirt with ease.

Concluding my remarks, these sheets made from bamboo is a must have for you if the thickness of your mattress falls within its size range. Otherwise, you have nine other alternatives to choose from covered in this guide.

07. Soft bed sheets from bamboo

Soft Bed Sheets From BambooJust like its immediate predecessor, these sheets from Resorts Resource Group are made up of rayon from bamboo. As the name of the manufacturers might imply, these linens have been designed to be used in the hotel industry. There’s, however, a pleasant surprise in this sentence. If this bedding set is designed to withstand the wear and tear which hotel guests inflict on the bed covers, imagine how much durable would be to be used in your own home.

Let’s start with the thread count and this is where this fabric lags little behind its competitors. Most of the bed linen sets which we have discussed have a thread count of 400. This one stops at 350. This thread count provides this product with both good and bad features. Let’s take a look at both of them in detail.

First of all, we know that thread count is directly proportional to the durability of a fabric. Greater the thread count, more long lasting will be the fabric. Hence, if you want to have a set of sheets which could last ages, higher thread counts are recommended.

There’s, however, a caveat hidden beneath the thread count. While a higher thread count will increase the internal bonds of the fibers to make the fabric more long lasting, it will decrease the softness and stretchability of the material. And since being soft is the modus operandi of bamboo sheets, they simply cannot forego it for the sake of durability.

Hence, when viewed through this good/bad prism, one explanation comes to mind regarding the thread count of this set. Standing at 350, the thread count won’t ensure that the product would last ages. At the same time, the decreased amount of threads would make sure that the linens are soft and luxurious.

Another advantage provided by this bedding set is its extra thickness. As stated before, most mattresses have thickness either equal to or less than 16’’. These sheets have taken this factor into consideration as they provide a thickness of 16’’. Thus, these are oversized flat linens which you can easily tuck your mattress into , with more hanging on its sides.

Moving on from your comfort, these linens are also very easy to use. Unlike most bamboo sheets, you can wash them with low heat. In fact, it is recommended by the manufacturer that you wash these linens before using them for the first time. They won’t also pill even after repeated washing and months of usage.

One thing, however, which you might notice after the first wash is some spots in the middle. These spots won’t affect the performance of this fabric nor do they will decrease its softness. Still, if you are extra concerned about aesthetics, they might bother you a bit.

08. Oasis fine linens island collection

Oasis Fine LinensWhile discussing the preceding bamboo linens, we talked about how a decreased thread count made it vulnerable to going out of favor with speed. It seems that Oasis Fine Linens read it out as these bed sets have come up with a mammoth thread count. To put this in perspective, these sheets have a mammoth thread count of 700. Although it is less than that of cotton – which usually approaches 1000, it is still a fine achievement for a bamboo bed set to approach this much thread count while maintaining softness at the same time.

Talking about its usefulness and this bed cover is wrinkle free. Maybe it has to do something with the higher thread count which doesn’t allow the threads to coalesce. Still, even after you take it out from the dryer, this bedding set would need no ironing because, say it again, it is wrinkle free.

There are properties which Oasis Fine have combined in their linens. First, they declare that it is soft, breathable, and light. In the same breath, they surmise that the product is moisture wicking. Let us try to make some sense of these claims.

As far as the softness, breathability, and lightness are concerned, it is given that all bamboo sheets would have all these properties. It is what makes them unique and attracts the customer from the time-tested cotton fabrics. Hence, there’s nothing unusual here.

As for the moisture wicking, a mere common sense might indicate that it stems from the first property. For, when the fabric will be light, it would allow greater space for the air to pass through it. This space, however, won’t be too huge to allow tiny water particles to seep through. Subsequently, the water molecules will rest on the surface of the fabric before the surrounding air will come and take their breath away.

Apart from its thread count, there is one more thing about these sheets which could be listed under the “mammoth” category: thickness. So far, most fabrics in this review claimed to cover a thickness of around 14’’. Some went so far to increase their limit to 16’’. This one, however, claims to cover mattresses which are as deep as 22’’. Thus, it doesn’t matter which type of mattress you do have, this set will make sure to cover it.

As far as their washing is concerned, there’s no extra preparation than a general bamboo sheets set might require. You could machine wash them but make sure that the heat is on the lower side. Also, you don’t need to bleach them and after you have dried them in the drier, their wrinkle free quality makes them ready to use without any ironing.

Lastly, they come in five different colors of which Storm Grey is my favorite. It goes without saying that you don’t have to agree with my choice.

09. Zen bamboo ultra soft cover set

Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Cover SetThey say that if you want to test how good a product is, take a look at the guarantee provided alongside it. Acting on this adage, we sounded out Zen Bamboo on this topic. They suggested that all users have a 30-day guarantee during which they could return the product to get the full refund. As this little talk of ours might suggest, Zen Bamboo do have huge confident in their products.

One thing which we value so much in our life – but so little in selecting bamboo bed sheets – but one which is provided by these linens is versatility. They are available in 14 different colors all of which seem pretty to me. To judge the weight of this argument, please take a look at the other sheets presented in this review.

Most manufacturers would provide you a  range of 4-5 colors. Consequently, if there’s one linen set which deserves our applause of going bravely just for aesthetics, this one is the one.

Having said that, aesthetics don’t sell bamboo bed sets rather it is the softness, durability, washability, and microbial resistance which does. All these four factors are in abundance in these bed covers from Zen bamboo.

Starting with softness, these bed covers are not pure bamboo, but rather a blend of microfiber and brushed bamboo. This blend gives these bed sets the extra softness lacking in many other bamboo bed sheets out there.

From the same blend stems the second factor in our consideration: durability. Since microfiber has been used, its decreased length allows the manufacturer to increase the thread count because fibers, even when in increased amount, will cover less space thanks to their decreased length.

Moving on towards washability and this bedding set stays true to the tradition of bamboo linens. Apart from being machine washable, you don’t have to bleach it because it will regain its texture on mere washing. Still, it is NOT wrinkle free which means that you might have to iron it.

Lastly, we turn our attention to the microbial resistance offered by these sheets. It offers two types of resistances: stain and against allergies. That the bed set is stain resistant doesn’t mean that it would retain its color even when you drop a bowl full of ice cream on it. Rather, it is against those droplets of ink against which it would hold its own. As for being hypoallergenic, this quality comes in these linens from their bamboo roots.

One factor which we didn’t list down in the above mentioned verse but which still needs our attention is these sheets being a perfect fit. Also, if you are using a duvet alongside these covers, it has ties on the inside to free you from the nuisance of shifting the duvet again and again. Its zipper closures are also super easy.

Thus, if you have been looking for a bamboo bed linens set which is soft, stylish, easy to wash, and luxurious – but have been unable to find a perfect match, your search stops right here.

10. Egyptian bedding rayon sheet set

Egyptian Bedding RayonThere are some mattresses out there which come with extra padding. This extra padding might come in any form ranging from the pillow top, tight top or the euro top. Although this extra padding provides extra comfort, it has one major disadvantage: there are not many bed sheets out there which cover that extra padding. Similarly, if you have supplanted your mattress with a separate mattress topper, you might incur the same problem there. This is where our number 10 comes to your rescue.

Being deeper in the corners, these linens are easy to stretch over mattresses that are thicker than the average ones, have mattress toppers or simply pillow tops. Thus, when compared with the regular bed covers out there, this product is at least 4’’ thicker.

The second unique selling proposition of this bed linen set is its thread count. If you have been paying attention, you might have noticed that thread counts are directly responsible for how much time a bed cover would last. Increase them and the linens may last years while decreasing them might tear it apart the very next day.

Thankfully, when it comes to thread counts, these sheets fall into the first category: they will last ages because they have a thread count of 1200: the greatest any product reviewed in this article has had.

Also, in stark contrast to common perception, a higher thread count does not equate with less soft sheets. Rather, the higher the thread count, the softer the linens will be.

Thus, when viewed through this prism of thread count, this bed set is the softest covered in this article, at least on paper. Still, experts tell us that this is not a one-way relationship. Companies might inflate thread count (by weaving multiple yarns together) which, instead of increasing the softness, might well decrease it.

This much thread count, however, comes at a cost. According to Joanna Goodman, owner of Au Lit Fine Linens, quality of a bed linen set doesn’t lie in its number. Rather, according to her, it is entirely plausible that the higher the thread count, the denser and heavier the bedding set becomes. Thus, the thread count myth is a double-edged sword, one which you’ll have to navigate yourselves.

Moving on, the manufacturer of these sheets claim that they are made up of Egyptian cotton. While we have no way of finding out whether they are speaking the truth or not, what we do know is that Egyptian Cotton is the top rated in the business because of their strength, length, and softness.

Finally, when you’ll receive them through courier, it is expected that these sheets will be very wrinkled. Don’t get disheartened and put them into the washer at low heat with no bleach. Once you get them out, there will be no wrinkles.

All in all, when it comes to making claims, these bamboo linens are right up there among the top. By employing Egyptian cotton, raising the thread count to a considerable number, and making them machine resistant, their manufacturer has tried to prove the veracity of these claims. Still, the ultimate juror is the customer and it all depends on whether you like it or not.

Everything you need to know about bamboo sheets

bamboo sheets guideThe vast majority of bamboo sheets lovers are people who care about the environment, as well as about their health. If you don’t know already, bamboo grows rapidly without the need of toxic fertilizers or pesticides and is very good at eliminating bugs. When harvesting bamboo, the roots of the plant are not destroyed, allowing the plant to grow back in no time. Manufacturers have access to a natural plant which is one of the few fully sustainable resources when it comes to woods.

If you love the satin feel and look, then you will surely love how smooth bamboo bed sheets can be. The fibers of the plant are organically transformed into cloth, the material from which the bed linens are made of.

Another great property of bamboo products is that they absorb liquids very well. What does this mean? Well, if you live in a hot climate or are the type of person who sweats a lot during the night, bamboo bed linens and bamboo pillows are the right choice for you. Apart from this, bamboo sheets have a cooling effect due to their fibers. As a result, you will have a very relaxing sleep during those hot nights if your bedding is made out of mostly bamboo products. Alternatively, one can pick a cooling pillow.

Lastly, some of us suffer from different allergies and cotton sheets might not be the best choice. As every bamboo product is hypoallergenic, bamboo bed sheets make no exception. If you are allergic to cotton, like me, or perhaps find the heat from silk linens disturbing, then bamboo bed sheets are an excellent choice. You will finally enjoy your sleep as you should, and stop suffering from fatigue every day.

Some bamboo sheets reviews discuss how the fabric is stain resistant to an extent. But if you do get stains on your sheets, you can use natural stain removers such as vinegar or baking soda to remove them. For more information, you can check out the cleaning guide below.

Lastly, people buy bamboo bed covers for the comfort it brings into their homes. You get the comfort of silk bedding, but with a cooling effect. Silk can emit heat and for those living in a warm climate, that will cause a lot of discomfort. For those people, bamboo sheets are the answer to their sleeping problems.

What to look for when shopping for bamboo bed sheets

bamboo sheets reviews

When looking to build the ultimate bedding, you want to consider a few things.

  • Quality – shopping around for the softest bed linens is not an easy task. It is important to know the brand, as the way bamboo viscose is obtained can make the plant lose its properties. And that is exactly why bamboo sheets are so amazing!
  • Thickness – having bamboo sheets as thin as the paper are useless. They don’t offer the same comfort as a quality bamboo products and you would be much better sticking to cotton sheets. If you can’t afford think bamboo bed cover sets, you should wait or look for a cheaper alternative.
  • Organic – bamboo is grown 100% naturally with no pesticides or fertilizers. This means that the end product, in our case bed sheets, will be toxic-free. Getting back to the beginning of the article, you don’t want to be spending the majority of your life sleeping on toxic bed sheets.

How to wash your bamboo bed sheets

Bamboo bed sheets will provide you with the most relaxing sleep, therefore I believe you should take good care of them in response. By washing them at the correct temperature, you will ensure their smoothness will not suffer and you will get that silky smooth feeling every time you lay down on your bed. Also, because they are a bit expensive, you want them to last as long as possible. Without proper care, that will not be possible though.

You can use your washing machine to clean bamboo linens, but ensure you don’t set the temperature too high. From personal experience, bamboo products are best to clean using cold water or warm at most. Also, if you wash it using hot water, the product will shrink more than needed. Some bamboo sheets reviews suggest that you give it a hot wash first time, to ensure you clean it properly from any toxic agents that might have been used when manufacturing the product.

I don’t recommend using a tumble dryer to dry your bamboo sheets. It is best to leave it to dry naturally, or the product might get damaged. I advise washing just bamboo products at a time. Do not mix bamboo sheets with cotton bed covers, even though they are the same color.

You don’t need to add any conditioner as the bamboo fabric is very soft already. Bleach is also something that you should not use when cleaning your bamboo sheets. They will damage the fabric and affect the smoothness of your product.

Worst case scenario when you have stains on your sheets, I recommend searching for an organic stain remover which does not contain bleach or anything that can damage the product. You need to test it first and ensure you don’t damage the fabric. Just use a small area of the bed cover to test. For extra tips, here is an Youtube video reviewing Cariloha linens.


By now you know everything you need about bamboo bed sheets to get the most out of your sleep. You have access to the best bamboo sheets reviews, detailing the 10 most popular products on the market right now. I, for one, will never go back to cotton or silk bed sheets after trying bamboo sheets. It is really important to start the day in the right mood. To do so, you need to be well rested and that is not possible if your bedding does not make you sleep like a baby.

There are various manufacturers around, one of the most notable being Cariloha. You can find a wide range of manufacturers on Amazon and decide on the most suitable bamboo sheets for you. There are various colors to choose from that will allow you match them with your pillow. Again, as mentioned before, these are not the cheapest around. But I would say it is a worthy investment when you will be spending at least 6-7 hours every night sleeping.

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