Best Battery Operated Fans in 2017

With the summer just around the corner, a battery powered fan is the right choice you can make to keep the air circulating no matter where you are, indoor or even outdoor. I am Alex and this is a buying guide on best battery operated fans to prepare you for this upcoming summer!

But a rechargeable fan is not only useful in the summer. If you like gaming for hours and hours in front of the computer, like my husband, I am going to give you a pro tip. Have a small oscillating fan blowing cool air right to your hands. This is going to relax you and make your game play a lot better. You can find plenty of uses for a personal fan, but let’s see what you need to bear in mind when shopping for one.

How to identify the the best battery powered fan in 2017?

Finding the right product is not an easy job most of the time. There are some important aspects that you should not overlook if you want to end up with the right choice for you.

Durability and safety

When choosing your battery operated cooling fan, there are several aspects you might need to consider to ensure you pick just about the right one to suit your needs. First of all, we want to ensure that your new battery powered fan is going to last you as long as possible. Therefore, durability is something you need to look at. Is it a fragile model? If you drop it, is it going to easily break? What is the build quality like? All these are questions you need to ask yourself before choosing the right portable fan. As I mentioned materials, you might have children and you need to ensure the materials used to build the fan blades are not going to hurt your baby.

Size and Power

As you are looking for a portable battery operated fan, you really don’t want to be carrying around a heavy and big fan. Therefore, you want to decide on a size you are comfortable with, but at the same time be powerful enough to cool you down on those hot days. As an example, you might want to fit your newly battery operated fan on your dashboard for that extra air or perhaps, take it with you at work. On a side note, you need to ensure your fan is not too powerful as that will drain your battery really fast and you can’t face it towards yourself.

Energy requirements: batteries or USB

If you are a battery type of person, then you know what you are looking for. But at the same time you can consider purchasing an USB battery operated fan which you can charge almost anywhere: in your car, office, home, charging stations. In my opinion, a fan with a USB connection is much more convenient than old fashion batteries. No matter what you choose, you will want to get at least a few days from a full charge or new batteries when using your portable fan.

I want to make this a more in-depth guide, therefore I am now going to compare top 10 battery powered ventilators, contrasting some of the pros and cons. Hopefully this is going to help with your decision 🙂 ! Furthermore, our readers can vote on their preferred battery powered fan so you can check the most popular choice according to readers.

10. BLUBOON Rechargeable Battery Clip on Fan

If you can afford to have a battery upgrade after purchasing this desk fan, it is one of the best ones out there. Apart from its less battery life – which is mysterious considering the power the battery commands, there aren’t many low points of this product.

best clip on fan

Turning our attention to the low points and the adjustability of this fan is a huge plus. Thanks to the mobility of the clip on which the fan is mounted, you could turn its angle up or down 360degrees. Hence, whether you want to mount it on your roof or place it on your coffee table, this fan does both with aplomb.

As for the clip, it does what you expect it to do: holds anything you want it to. Whether it the pram of your baby or the arms of your treadmill, the clip – which has an opening of around 3-4’’, could clasp to anything between that size limit.

Finally, we’ll end this particular review at exactly the same point from where we started: on a low note. You simply cannot use the fan when it is being charged with a battery. Thus, while you could still use it when the USB cable is plugged in, lack of usability when on battery charging isn’t a good enough trait of this fan.

  • The fan required to owner to pull the battery out if you want to power it using USB
  • Build quality might not be the best in the market

  • Awesome concept offering the ability to clip on the fan
  • Quiet when running
  • Cheap compared to other hand held fans

09. Travelon 3-Speed Folding Fan

Grown tired of finding plugs for your devices? Want to buy a fan which runs incognito – i.e. on batteries? Congrats, Travelon 3-Speed folding fan is just right for you.

best mini fan

Comprising of 4 AA batteries, you could use this ventilator on your car seat, your office desk, room table or any other flat surface without the problem of finding plugs every now and then. Moreover, as hinted earlier, the AA batteries – when completely charged, will last longer than 12 hours.

Yet another advantage of this fan is its plastic blades. For, in those households where there are little kids – who just can’t help themselves from interfering with every other electrical equipment, the benign blades will make sure that no harm comes in their way.

Also, if the fan can be adjusted relative to the base. As a result, you could pivot the fan head both in the forward and backward direction.

As for the 3-speeds, the strongest makes the most sound, consumes the most energy, but also blows the maximum volume of air. Hence, until it is really hot out there, the lowest position should suffice.

Finishing my review on a low note, this fan isn’t vibration proof. If you place it on a table, it would vibrate and move. Thus, it is recommended that when used on a table, a rubber mat should always be placed underneath it.

  • Hard to access the battery compartment and the way the batteries stand is somewhat weird.
  • The lowest speed barely blows any air.
  • Can be bulky if you decide to wear the fan around your neck.

  • This fan has no sharp edges meaning you can’t get hurt accidentally.
  • Ability to fold it and place it on a computer desk while working.

08. O2COOL 10-inch Speed Fan

When I first saw this fan online, it seemed to me that it was huge. However, on viewing with the naked eye, this fan has no such “characteristics” – as evinced by its meager 3lb weight. Still, when it comes to fans which could be used with equal proficiency in both home and office settings, this fan stands out for various reasons.

best personal fan

First of all, it offers it, users, one thing which they voraciously crave: freedom. Whether you want to plug it in an AC adapter or want to use batteries, this fan offers you both options. However, while the manufacturer offers the former, you’d have to purchase the latter separately.

As for the blades, they are not made of plastic which might arise the safety factor. Thankfully, this factor has been taken care of by the sieve installed both in front and at the back of the blades.

Due to the width of the blade – which are 4*13.1*12.1, the airflow pattern offered by this fan is very wide. Hence, even when you’re sitting just a foot away from it, this fan will make sure that the air is distributed uniformly throughout the room.

Hence, while it isn’t the cheapest option available in the market, the features on offer justify its price tag.

  • In some of my tests, I found this product to be a bit too noisy for my taste.
  • As with other battery powered fans, the battery compartment is fragile

  • Awesome fan if you go hiking or perhaps camping.
  • Really blows air when put in power mode.

07. Efluky Mini USB 3 Speeds High Velocity Fan

Some people seem to have a knack of demanding retro whenever they buy anything. This fan, it seems from its outer design, has been designed for those people. With a simple appearance, firm base, relatively huge weight, and ON/OFF buttons stacked on the front, it is as simple as it is useful.

best usb fan

However, if you think that this blower is all about tradition, the charging pattern adopted by this fan might like to argue. For, in addition to the batteries and the traditional wall charging, you can use a USB cable – yes a USB CABLE, to charge this fan. Moreover, if you feel that you always have a USB Port at hand, you don’t need to install batteries at all.

As for the speed options, you’ve been warned. For, while the strongest speed will give you the greatest comfort, even a fully charged battery would drain within two hours when you’re running the fan on full throttle. Hence, keep a USB Power Bank nearby if you plan to do the same.

The quietness factor is also directly proportional to the speed. While the lowest speed is the quietest, the voice will become substantial as you move up the revs.

Finally, if you’re afraid of sleeping in a dark room – and always turn ON a zero light to offer you solace, turn it OFF as this fan emits light when it is operating. However, if you don’t like it, you could also turn it off.

  • Design is not the most attractive one when looking at other portable fans.
  • To some users, this fan might feel a bit cheap.

  • You can recharge the fan using an USB cable connected to a power bank or a laptop.
  • Awesome LED lights which other small fans lack.

06. D-FantiX 3-inch Outdoor Fan

While the name of this fan might suggest otherwise, it is a “palm-sized”, mini portable fan. Thus, if you have been looking for an air blower which is compact, handy, and easy to carry, this one ticks all the right boxes.

best hand held fan

Firstly, look at any mini-fan and all of them would claim to be super quiet. If you want to know what super quiet means, witness this fan in action. Compounded by a firm base – which rules out any vibration factor, you won’t need to raise your voice a decibel with this fan in operation.

Another notable feature is the air flow. You might testify that fans – be it mini or mega, usually have four blades. This fan, however, has seven durable plastic blades to ensure uninterrupted supply of huge gushes of wind.

Also, since we are at it, the uninterrupted supply would be ensured either by a USB cable or the lithium ion batteries.

“Timing Function” is one which caught my eye the most. Of the other blowers we use, we aren’t sure when its batteries will die down. This concern of ours is removed by this function which allows you – yes YOU, to decide whether you want the fan to go on for 10, 30, 60, or 120mins.

  • As with other battery fans for camping, this one too might be a bit weak when it comes to build quality.

  • Has 4 speed modes which you rarely fan on a tent fan.
  • Cheaper when looking at other best portable fans I’ve included in this review article.

05. OPOLAR F101 Portable Rechargeable USB Fan

If you have been paying attention, you might have noticed one factor which we haven’t discussed in the preceding fans: warranty. While all of them offer some sort of warranty, the one provided by this fan is unrivaled, to say the least. For, while it gives you a one-year warranty if the product turns out to be defective, you could also get a money back guarantee of 30days if you aren’t satisfied with its quality.

best tent fan

Hence, if the aforementioned confidence is anything to go by, the manufacturers are proud of their product. And why shouldn’t they be when the list of features is so exhaustive.

Starting from a 2200mah rechargeable battery – which is more powerful than any other fan in this review, this fan could also be charged with a battery. The greatest strength of this fan is also termed by some as its greatest weakness. For, as you might tell by the power of the battery, it is not recommended to use any other battery than 18650lithium one.

As for the battery duration, it will last around 1.5-2hours on full speed, 4hours at medium, and approximately 6hours at the lowest.

Finally, if you ask us, we would recommend using this fan when you’re inside. For, as suggested by its weight of 8.8ounces, this fan is mysteriously small. Thus, if you use it in an open atmosphere, the slightest of the breeze will turn the air away from the mini ventilator.

  • Boring design, as it looks similar to most other cordless fans.

  • Powered by a huge 2200 Mah battery which you can recharge using an USB cable.
  • The provider will replace this fan if any of the parts fail within one year from your purchase.

04. O2COOL 10-Inch Cooler Fan

Just like the aforementioned product from BLUBOON, this one exactly has the same problem: batteries. They come in two shapes: 8-D Cell batteries (which the manufacturer doesn’t provide) and built-in rechargeable batteries (which the manufacturer provides).

best travel fan

Both these batteries, however, have one thing in common: they don’t last long. Maybe, that’s because there is a third power source: AC/DC Power Adapters. Still, it seems that much attention has been paid to design at the cost of batteries. Consequently, if you like it, better use the adapters.

Coming to design and this is why this product has earned a place in our review. Starting from the blades – which are 10’’ in size, the air they blow is mammoth. Combine that with the high speed and the blades could cool a Southern room in extreme summer months.

For people who have already used similar fans, they could testify that bigger blades mean bigger vibrations. That fact has been taken care of in this fan, however, thanks to the stabilizing feet underneath the base.

Also, while it doesn’t give you the luxury of being able to turn 360degrees – you could tilt it a few degrees, however, the handle on its upper side allows you to mount this fan anywhere you want.

Concluding my remarks, as long as you could do away with the batteries, this fan has a number of useful features.

  • It is not the cheapest portable fan for travel.

  • It has a superior build quality which is probably going to last a lot longer than cheaper hand fans.
  • It is powered using SMART technology, meaning the fan will auto-adjust to ensure battery efficiency.
  • It has a 10 inch blade which is awesome in those hot summer days.

03. Anpress oscillatin tower fan

On my first view of this fan, all I imagined was that it looked like a fly swatter – with a fan stacked on top. Thus, when Anpress says that this fan is portable, they mean it – as evinced by my colorful description of its exterior shape.

best handheld fan

As you might guess from the description, the portability of this fan has taken away from it the power cord. This decision turns out to be brilliant when you see the batteries in action. Comprising of a 2200MA 18650 Li-ion battery, the small size of this fan allows the battery the leverage to last hours when fully charged.

It also comes with a lanyard which looks of no use to me because of the extra small size of this ventilator. One thing which is useful is the stepless speed adjustable controller mounted on the front side of the handle. This allows you to have easy control and the fan to minimize the energy losses which come from buttons.

If the aforementioned description lures you to believe that this fan is quiet, it isn’t. It is certainly not the quietest fan in this review which is surprisingly curious considering the fact that it is so lightweight – it weighs only 6.6ounces.

Finally, if you are camping outside or driving with no source of electricity nearby, this fan might prove its usefulness to you.

Note: Before using the fan, make sure to take the plastic off the battery.

  • Can be a bit too small to provide enough cold air in hot days.

  • Due to its design, this handheld fan is a lot better for carrying around than other mini fans.
  • Can recharge it using a micro USB.

02. Deli 3 speeds portable quiet fan

There aren’t many fans out there which are as useful when you’re running as they might be on, let’s say, camping tours or while you’re driving. This fan, however, meets this criterion with aplomb, and without making so much noise.

best battery fan

Made up of ABS material, you’d have to try really hard to see the blades – which are protected firmly behind the sieve. However, the fact that you can’t see it doesn’t mean they don’t exist/function. For, when you will hang it on your neck with its string, this fan could take your sweat away in a matter of seconds.

Also, if you feel that the wind power isn’t enough – or it is too harsh, you could increase/decrease its intensity thanks to the 3 Gears Wind Power system. As for the charging mechanism: it comprises two types: rechargeable lithium battery and a USB charging port. Hence, you’re saved from the hassle of finding a power plug.

For those of you who want something extra, this fan has something in the shape of its output power USB port. While you cannot charge your mobile phone with it, other devices i.e. your Bluetooth speakers or any other fans of similar size could be charged.

One area where this blower lacks is the absence of kickstand. Since it is like a box, you just couldn’t tilt it. Hence, while the wind is great, you cannot change its direction. A kickstand might have imparted this fan the same freedom.

  • The design is not very attractive.

  • You can hung this around your neck thanks to the string it comes with.
  • Charge it using your computer or a power bank.
  • Has a huge 18650 battery which is going to provide up to 6 hours of cold air.

01. Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Fan

If you are looking for a smaller fan which has the capability to last longer than its bigger counterparts, comes fully assembled, and is a best seller, the HT-900 from Honeywell deserve your attention.

best portable fan

Firstly, for all the talk about aerodynamics, this fan shows you what the term actually means. For, it doesn’t matter in which corner of the room you’re sitting, its Turbo Force design will make sure that the air reaches you – and not the other way around.

Another unique selling proposition of this fan – which one expects from fans of this size, is its quietness. Still, it doesn’t mean that there is pin drop silence when this fan is in operation. For, if you want to keep the outside noises at bay, the noise of this fan will do just that.

Lastly, this computer fan operates at three speeds: 25watts, 30watts, and 35watts. As you might guess, the greater the wattage, the better will be the air flow.

Finally, in addition to the aforementioned features, this fan is cheap, easily portable, blows volumes of air, and will last a lifetime. Thus, if you use it with care – and follow the instructions given in the manual, this blower has the capability to last seasons.

  • Not very easy to hold as other battery fans for camping.

  • Really cheap among battery operated fans.
  • It is designed to provide maximum air movement
  • Head moves 90 degrees, ideally used as a desktop fan


When shopping for the best battery powered fan, you want to remember that some of them might not have the greatest build and their life span is pretty limited. If I was you, I would not consider just the price when shopping for a battery powered fan. In this article I did my an effort to come up with a list of electric fans so you are prepared for the upcoming summer.

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