Best Cooling Pillow in 2017

best cooling pillow


I lost count of the days when I felt tired because I couldn’t rest properly during the night and only if I knew that all I needed was a best cooling pillow. If you find yourself frequently flipping your cushion, then this guide is for you! From personal experience, I can say that the best cooling gel pillow can get you to sleep in no time.

If you are not convinced yet and you might consider this a seasonal product, then let me tell you that even when the weather is not very hot, such products can improve your sleep tons!

The beauty of this item is that it can keep itself cool and comfy, without you having to flip it. One has a wide range of options to choose from thanks to industry manufacturers that invested in technology to make our sleep better, ensuring we are fresh and ready for the next day. You can choose from memory-foam, cooling gel or perhaps the more versatile combination pillows, which combine the two aforementioned types, aiming for better ventilation.

Cooling Pillows Reviews

For most people, the intensity of their bedroom lights depends on the quality of their sleep. While some of them like it pitch dark, others believe in low-intensity zero-light. Still, there are others believe that it has to do with the comfort of their bed. However, if you want a good night sleep, one thing is crucial: your pillow. Make it hard and hot and no matter how tired you are, you won’t be able to go to sleep.

Make it soft, comfortable, and cold, and going to sleep would be a cinch for you. With the last argument in mind, we have decided to unveil ten cooling pillows which would help you in going to sleep. However, if you feel that their price tag is a bit on the higher side, relax as you could use them for other purposes as well.

01. ViscoSoft Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Standard Arctic Gel

best cooling pillowTechnology has revolutionized all fields of life. However, when it comes to the pillows on which most of us sleep, it seems that we are still living in the stone age. Thankfully, as we could see in the shape of this pillow, manufacturers within the industry have decided to employ technology for the betterment of their customers. Better late than never.

The MOST IMPORTANT, yet the most understated feature, of this product is the fact that it uses arctic gel. For those of you who are in the medical profession, the term should ring bells. Apart from other purposes, it is used for analgesic purposes. In simple words, the doctor recommends applying this gel to your body for pain-relieving purposes.

Hence, it is bound to do the same thing here. When would come in contact with your neck and head – albeit from behind the layer of the fabric, the gel would provide immaculate therapeutic support. That is, in addition to providing the necessary cooling effect, it would take care of the pains which arise in your neck and shoulder area after a day full of work. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

If that wasn’t enough, this pillow has 30% more gel than that of the other cooling alternatives. While the company hasn’t stated the reason, it might be because this gel would perform two functions inside.

Turning our attention to its design and you could sense that your comfort has been kept supreme in designing this pillow. Whenever you lie down on the contours, they would conform perfectly according to the alignment of your body.

Also, the memory foam is pressure-sensitive. It means that in stark contrast to your normal memory foam, it would adopt the contours of your neck and shoulder area, before providing support to both. This, as you might guess, relieves pains in both these areas.

Also, while the cover of a cooling cushion isn’t necessary a feature worthy of our attention, our number 1 review doesn’t conform to the old held traditions. In addition to being breathable, the cover is hypoallergenic too. Also, during your sleep, it would repel the moisture which normally comes as the gel changes its phase.

To give something extra to their customers, VISCOSOFT will provide you with a hygienic, breathable, and removable cover in the same price. As for the warranty, if you don’t like the product, you could refund your money within the first thirty days. Similarly, if a manufacturing defect arises in the pillow in the first three years, the company would be liable to replace it.

Finally, as evident by the above mentioned features, the end product is an epitome of technology. With its breathable and hypoallergenic outer sheel, pressure relieving memory foam, analgesic gel, and superior guarantee, this cushion has all the traits to give you the sleep of a baby.

Note: You might be interested in our guide on top 10 bamboo pillows.

02. Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow

best cooling gel pillowWhile a perfunctory glance on your cushion might suggest otherwise, technology has revolutionized all fields of life. After reading the reviews of the product, you can clearly see that producers in this field have decided to develop technology for the joy of their customers.

Similar to any other person, one thing which caught my eye about this pillow was its shape. Like a camel back, it has contours on it to make sure that your head remains at a considerable distance from your shoulders. Also, instead of employing the usual top-down approach, the side of this sleeping headrest is curved, giving extended support to your shoulders. If that wasn’t enough, the limited five-year warranty that comes with the product should, at least, catch your eye.

One thing which depressed me about this item was its lack of versatility. Looking at its shape, I felt that it would have been perfect for a stomach sleeper like me. However, the manufacturer suggests otherwise citing the displacement of the cooling liquid as the factor. Still, when a pillow comes at such a considerable price – not to talk of its beautiful design, you expect it to be more versatile.

Going on with our talk of versatility and one area where this option is versatile is its high and low lofts. For example, if you are sleeping on your back, you could use the low loft. For side sleepers, the high loft is recommended.

In stark contrast to its versatility, one thing which I guessed right about this pillow was its firmness. To me, it was a necessary factor of it because how could you maintain the distance between shoulders and neck if the cushion was immersed down. Still, it just gives the right amount of softness to make sure that you don’t develop any sore pressure points.

Turning our attention to whether it is washable or not, well, it is washable but don’t make the mistake of putting it in your washing machine. The outside material is not thick and you’d rip it to shreds if you put it in a washing machine. Thus, it is better if you hand wash it.

Also, it doesn’t have that smell which you usually expect from your normal gel based cooling product. It means that you could use it straight away without having to give it “air-time”.

Finishing off, we would turn our attention to the gray areas of this review. None of them matters to customers as much as its freezing abilities.

At least to me, it looks that in going for its comfortable design, Sleep Innovations have neglected the most important area: cooling. While it is not warm, it certainly isn’t the coolest of our top 10 reviews. This to me seems a major downside of this pillow. Other than that, it gets a thumbs up from me.

03. Dreamfinity Cooling Gel & Memory Foam

best cooling memory foam pillowWhile I was bashing the immediate above mentioned product, it seems as if Dreamfinity had taken heed from my advice. As evident by the loft of this pillow, it has all the elements which I would love to see. However, before you start accusing me of bias, this cushion, like all the other ones in this review, has its fair share of disadvantages.

Talking about the comfort factor provided, it is one of those which is neither too firm nor too soft. Rather, it falls midway between both these extreme points. Maybe this is the reason why, after extended usage, the cushion can lose its firmness and becomes too squishy.

Another feature of this product – which could be termed as an advantage or disadvantage based on your preference, is its thickness. It is 6cm thick and is undoubtedly one of the thicker ones discussed in our guide.

If you ask me, this thickness is brilliant for me. I strongly believe that if the loft is in inclined form, it would take care of the thickness of the pillow itself. However, if you want to sleep with your head close to the bed, it might not fit the bill for you.

Since it comes in only one size – the standard one, Dreamfinity had no choice but to make it useful for all sleep lovers. This has been done by increasing the width. The width of the cooling gel, however, hasn’t been affected. This means that the upper side is not covered with the cooling agent. Rather, only 3/4th of the upper side has a freezing gel pattern.

Moving on with the gel part, it has been supplanted by a breathable mesh cover. This, to me, is a huge plus point of this pillow. Almost all items listed in this article would do the job what they are advertised to: remove the heat.

It is what happens with the removed heat which determines whether your head will remain cool or not. However, since this cushion has a breathable mesh cover, the removed heat won’t stick around to trouble your sleeping head.

For some persons, it is difficult to sleep on a porous mesh cover. If you belong to this category, fear not as turning this pillow upside down will solve your problem. Since it is two sided, both the sides will provide cooling with equal effectiveness.

Lastly, our third item reviewed today doesn’t have one thing which turns so many persons away from these products: the faint smell of gel. I don’t know what the manufacturer have done to remove that smell. But, it is obvious that whatever they have done, it has come good in the shape of this odorless cooling gel pillow.

Thus, if you want a cushion which is doubled sided, doesn’t allow the heat to gather around your head, and doesn’t have that queer faint smell which has now become a characteristic among this type of items,this one is definitely worth giving a thought.

04. Serta Gel Memory Foam Side Sleeper

best cooling pillow for hot flashesSo, you might ask, what is the difference between this one and the aforementioned ones? Well, not many, if you excuse the design and the cool vent design, and the loft which the company describes as being generous.

Breaking away from our tradition, we have decided to start reviewing the features of this one by first looking at its downside. No, we are not paid by Serta’s Competitors. It’s just that this pillow has more cons than pros.

The first negative aspect is the “generous loft”. If you don’t know what it is, the loft is the distance between the lower side of the cushion and its upper side. It is believed that the greater the loft, the better will be the alleviation of the pressure points which cause neck and shoulder pains. However, here’s the caveat: it is the design of the loft, and not its height, which ensures whether you’d aggravate or decrease your neck pain.

In this case, the loft looks like it belongs in the former category. Instead of getting down in slope fashion – which is how most items within the range do it – this product gets down at an angle of 90*. Even if this design results in better sleep, I don’t know how it would ensure comfort for your neck and shoulders.

Hence, as far as your comfort factor is concerned, the design of the loft has raised some serious doubts in my mind.

Now, if you are brave enough to choose this pillow even after the aforementioned point, let’s take a look at its positive features. The most prominent positive feature, as suggested by its name, is its freezing effect. In addition to filling it with a cool agent, this pillow has been integrated with an air vent design.

The vent design would make sure that after the heat has dissipated from your head, it could not accumulate around it. Thanks to these vents, air flow would be much higher for the heat to accumulate around your head.

Another notable point here is the texture of memory foam. Most manufacturers, since they put more attention to the cooling agent, often leave the memory foam ignored. However, as its texture has suggested to me, Serta doesn’t belong in that list.

Finally, while this pillow doesn’t have my recommendation for giving you a good sleep, you could use it for a variety of other purposes. When you are studying, it could make your back stable. Also, if you are doing an office job, it would cover your back with aplomb.

05. Sleep Innovations Reversible Gel Memory Foam

Reversible Gel Memory Foam PillowIf you have the time to visit the website of Sleep Innovations, the first term which you would encounter while being on it is that “one size does not fit all”. While manufacturing companies sell a lot of riffraff to its customers, we could vouch for the veracity of the aforementioned statement. I believe it holds its ground when it comes to the reversible gel memory foam pillow. Thus, if you are impressed by the truthfulness of the manufacturer, I think our number 5 is going to raise some interest.

Turning our attention to the important part and the reversible gel term needs some description. You might have noticed that the majority of aforementioned items recommend that you use them only for back and side sleep and NOT for stomach sleep. Wondered why? Here’s the short answer.

Most alternatives which collect heat from your head and after transporting it to the atmosphere gives you a cool feel. This liquid, however, isn’t reversible. It means that once you put your head on the pad, the gel gets shifted to one side. Since it isn’t reversible, it won’t come back to the center. Hence, the pillow would be rendered useless.

This is where the manufacturers earn their money. When you put your stomach on this cushion, the gel would be shifted to one side. However, as soon as your stomach lifts off it, the liquid, being reversible, would come back in the center. Moreover, during the time you are stomach-sleeping, the cool down action would remain intact.

How? Well, for one thing, the fluid used is a semi-liquid. It means that even when you would put your whole weight on it, the fluid, instead of breaking down, would be able to sustain your weight while maintaining its effectiveness.

Putting long statement short, whether you are a side sleeper, a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper, this cushion has the ability to satiate your sleeping appetite.

There are two sides. On one side, you’d encounter the aforementioned reversible gel. This is the side which you MUST use if you are using it for cooling purposes – which is obvious considering the fact that you’re paying so much money for this.

The other side, however, is simple. While the manufacturer says that the memory foam side would give you same coolness as the reversible gel side, my own experience tells me otherwise. Yes, it would give you coolness, but the coolness would be far less than that of the other side. Hence, if you are sane enough to use this pillow for cooling purposes, ALWAYS keep the reversible gel side on the upper side.

Finally, one thing which impressed me the most about this product was the confidence which its manufacturers put into it. With most options on the market you’d only get a 1-year limited warranty. However, if you decide to spend your money on this one, you would get a 5-year warranty.

Thus, while its price is astronomical, to say the least, this one won’t ditch you midway through your sleep.

06. Classic Brands Cool Sleep Ventilated Pillow

Ventilated Gel Memory Foam PillowAlthough all of us differ on choosing on what we like to rest our head on, there is one thing on which everyone agrees: not one solution could suit the requirements of everybody. That is, while some of us might like standard sized cushions, there would be others who would probably go for Queen sized ones. Still, there would be others who would think that King Size cool down pillows would suit their appetite. Thankfully, all these demands could be met if you decide on choosing this particular product.

When Classic Brands  suggests that their product is made up of 100% cool-fiber, many of us have the tendency to overlook the term “cool-fiber” as the industry jargon. However, for those of us who are aware of the use of technology in products, this isn’t the case.

The cool fiber is no ordinary fabric. Rather, it is made up of such strands that are transparent to the infrared light. This transparency to infrared light makes them a useful addition.

Heat energy travels in infrared ways. Consequently, it would be impossible for any fabric to keep you cool until it doesn’t allow the heat energy to dissipate. In simple words, if a fabric isn’t transparent in the infrared light, it won’t be able to keep you cool. Thankfully, as the aforementioned description might suggest, the cool fiber fabric – by being infrared transparent, allows this pillow to do just that.

Despite all the importance of cool fiber fabric, it would be rendered useless if the gel – which as cooling medium doesn’t absorb heat. However, since this item uses a fluid which changes its phase before dissipating light to the atmosphere, the combination of gel and cool fiber fabric makes this product an enemy of heat.

Another useful feature is the ventilation provided on its upper side. While some alternatives might dissipate heat even without ventilation, the dissipated heat has the tendency to accumulate around your head. However, since this cushion contains ventilation, air flow would be there and heat won’t be able to accumulate.

While the aforementioned characteristics suggest that this pillow is an epitome of technology, the below-mentioned ones might suggest that it has remained on good terms with tradition. It has gone with the memory foam to supply the core.

Useful for people who have shoulder and neck problems, memory foam has the tendency to give way when you put your weight on it. Consequently, you are allowed to sink into the foam. This, in turn, alleviates those pressure points which are a major cause of shoulder and neck pains.

That said, memory foam is not without its shortcomings.Memory foam isn’t the lightest out there hence you cannot take it away with you while on travel. Also, since it is heavier, the molecules are more closely wed, making it difficult for the cooling gel pillow to disseminate heat.

Thus, while this item serves as a brilliant example of how technology can help us in sleeping better, it isn’t without shortcomings.

07. Penguin Cooling Mat

Cooling Pillow MatSimilar to the first cooling option in our review, this one is not a “pillow” in any sense of the term. Rather, it is a mat which allows to keep the cushion beneath it, and the head above it, cool. Thus, it should be remembered that it could not be used as an alternative., but rather be seen as an addition.

One thing which surprised me about this mat was its size. Coming in 12.2”22’’ would cover your entire pillow no matter how large it is. Before you do it, take a look at some more important features.

The first thing we expect from cooling mats is the feeling of lying down on segmented molecules. Since these molecules are in direct contact with our head, they could be a bit irritating for some persons. Thankfully, this one has no such irritants.

When I tried to find out the reason for this, it turned out that the liquid used in this mat was continuous, not segmented. It means that the gel particles are in cohesive form and unless you sit on the mat to deform them, they will remain that way. Moreover, thanks to the cotton cover, you won’t feel these particles playing games with your head.

Another useful feature of this mat, which stems directly from its employment of the cotton cover is that it is leak-proof.

As you might gauge from this description, this mat is not for stomach sleepers. It has a maximum limit weight limit which would definitely be breached once you place your torso on it.

To compensate for this disadvantage, the cooling gel mat offers several other useful features. Since it has no defined shape and you could twist it all you like, it proves to be a great cure for fever, headaches, summer sleeping, and night sweats.

While the aforementioned description might suggest you otherwise, this mat has its fair share of defects. None of them is as glaring as its working time. If you sleep on it for a whole night, it is likely that its heat dissipating capacity would suffer. Therefore, it might happen during the course of the night that it stops cooling your head altogether.

However, if the price tag of this product isn’t allowing you to go away, here’s a cure of the above defect: your refrigerator. Yes, before going to sleep, you could put in inside your refrigerators to make sure that the gel particles are cooled down. Consequently, their working time would increase and you could use the mat for the whole night without any discomfort.

Finally, the item is far from perfect. Still, if you have slept on pillow mats and think that you could do it again, this one might be of some help.

08. Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel Memory Foam Cushion

Cool Gel Memory Foam PillowWith all due respect to the aforementioned products, it has one major downside: it is only for side sleepers. However, when you pay such money as it demands from its customers, you’d expect more versatility. This is where this pillow comes into play.

Made up of classic memory foam, it has been designed to meet the requirements of both side and back sleepers. How? Well, if you are sleeping on your side, it would keep your head tilted in the right position just to make sure your neck doesn’t get sore. Conversely, if you are sleeping on your back, it would provide optimum support to your upper back and neck.

Also, when it comes to versatility, I don’t think I’ve seen many alternatives that are such nifty. For example, while it has cool gel on one side, the memory foam adorns the other side. You could use both sides depending on your mood and the temperature.

For example, if the temperature is hot and you want your cooling gel pillow to be a savior, spend on the cool side. After taking heat from your head, the liquid would dissipate it sideways. This is due to the fact that it uses the open-cell memory technology. In addition to making foams more breathable, this technology makes sure that the cells making the foam are interconnected. As a result, not only will the foam will become more breathable but it would also be denser. Consequently, regardless of how many hours you sleep, the pillow would remain cool and comfortable.

However, if you feel that the temperature is good enough – but still like to go for a little bit cooling, go for the memory foam side. While it might not release as much heat as the other side, the outside temperature would keep this side from getting hot. Yet another advantage of the memory foam, though not directly related to your comfort, is its resistance. Be it a mold, dust mite, bacteria, or an allergen, the antimicrobial tendency of this foam would keep it covered.

If you have been paying attention, you might have noticed that most items mentioned in our review were either for back or for back + side sleepers. This one, however, is for both of them plus the stomach sleeper. How? Let’s take a look.

Stomach sleepers sleep with the cushion underneath their stomach. While a traditional one would suffice, a cooling pillow – thanks to the liquid inside it, might not be the perfect choice for stomach sleepers. With the whole of their body weight on the cushion, the liquid might shift on one side, rendering the pillow useless.

This one, however, is different. When you would place it underneath your stomach, the gel won’t accumulate on one side thanks to the memory foam on its back. Subsequently, while its cooling might reduce, the cushion would still remain functional.

Thus, if you want a mat which supports all sleeping patterns, is inexpensive and could be used on both sides, this option deserves your attention.

09. Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

Iso-Cool pillowCool down pillows are generally made up of two materials, memory foam and shredded memory foam. This one is made up of memory foam.

Memory foam has both its advantages and disadvantages. First, we take a look at its pros. For those of you who have shoulder and neck problems, memory foam is a good choice because it gives both these areas the necessary support to alleviate your pains. Moreover, when you would lie on it, the memory foam would allow your head to sink in, thereby relieving pressure points.

On the downside, memory foam makes a pillow heavier and less breathable. This, in turn, might make it warm after extended usage. To counter this negative point, this particular one has been integrated with PCM beads. Known as the Phase Change Material beads, they work in three steps to make sure you remain cool at night.

Firstly, the heat transferred from your head goes into these beads which are in solid form, to begin with. The heat converts them into liquid form. To get back into solid form, they release the heat to the atmosphere. Subsequently, your head remains cool.

Turning our attention to the firm vs soft debate, this one is firm without any doubt. For, in addition to its considerable weight, the manufacturer recommends it for side sleepers who generally prefer firm pillows. However, that is not to say that it is as solid as a rock.

For, when you will sink your head into it, there will be considerable space between your head and your shoulder to keep your neck out of soreness and stiffness.

As far as the durability is concerned, this one will last ages. In addition to its weight, it is made up of cotton and has a cotton cover on the outside. This means that as long as you don’t want to slice it open with a knife, it won’t be subjected to cuts.

One downside of this pillow is the odor factor. Since it has a phase change material inside it, you would notice that it would smell just after you’d open it after receiving your package. However, if you let it out in the open, I presume that the odor would be gone.

All in all, if you are a side sleeper who looks for firm head and shoulders support, this one is a must-have.

10. Gel’O Cool Mat

Cool Pillow MatTo check the effectiveness of each of the 10 options, we decided to measure each of them against a standard criterion. The factors which we listed out were: size, washable, firm or soft, durability, comfort, and whether the pillow is one or two sided. Here’s how this one fared on the criteria.

This is not a cushion in the conventional sense of the term. Rather, it is a mat with which you can cover your pillow with. Hence, if you are looking for an actual cushion which you could use as a substitute for your current one, this one is NOT that one.

First of all, with an 11*22’’ mat size, it is safe to say that this cooling mat is one of the largest out there. This means that if you have a king sized bed, only two of these would be sufficient to get it covered.

Secondly, while the manufacturer recommends that you wash it only by hand, I don’t see any reason why it cannot be machine washed. As for its comfort factor, this mat is soft and NOT firm. There is a subtle but importance difference between the two terms. For example, if you want your head to maintain a neutral position during sleep – and not want it to go immersing in, this mat isn’t right for you.

As you might tell, cooling pillows are different from general ones due to the coolness they provide. This coolness, in turn, is provided by the liquid inside which dissipates heat. This one, as its name suggests, has gone with gel. Gel pillows are better than those which contain water because of the heat dissipation characteristic – which keeps your head cool – is better.

Another factor which is important in cooling mats is whether they are one or two sided. No matter what the manufacturer says, that side of the pillow on which you’d sleep for 8-9 hours is bound to get hot. Thankfully, this one is doubled sided with equal effectiveness.

However, if you feel that the mat isn’t cool enough, this one gives you the freedom to refrigerate it. In turn it would alleviate their coolness. Also, if it is winter out there, you could microwave it to use it as a heating mat.

One feature of this mat which impressed me the most was its mobility. Cooling liquid pillows mostly are brittle which means that you cannot fold them for the fear of damaging the fluid underneath. However, is not the case with this mat. It means that if you are going on a long trip, you could pack it in your bag and use it both along the way and after reaching your destination with equal effectiveness.

Ultimate guide to buying best cooling gel pillow on the market

how to clean cooling pillowYou might have already a complete bedroom, thinking that there is not much you can add. But I am going to tell you that even the coziest bedroom is not complete if you don’t have at least a cooling headrest pad to get the most of your sleep. As mentioned in the beginning, there are various types available on the market. However, don’t stress if you are not familiar with them, as we are going to review them together. The easiest way to categorize them is by the way they are cool down.


This method is usually employed by cushions filled with buckwheat hulls. In simple terms, the air flowing through the husks will help evaporate the moisture on your skin when you sweat at night. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?! The continuous air flow will provide you with a breeze effect, allowing for better sleeps during the summer. The reason one manufacturer might decide to go with buckwheat hulls over other types of synthetic products, is that the hulls are poor heat conductors. As a result, a cooling pillow might be a tad more expensive than your traditional one.


One of the most effective ways to cool down a cushion and hence the preferred method by top brands is by adding a freezing agent. A cooling gel pillow will transfer away the heat from your body efficiently. In simple words, they add a bag of gel to an already existing normal cushion, except they make it look good. These liquid based products will drop to room temperature, and will stay that way for the rest of the night. It basically tries to bring your body temperature, to the room temperature, which in theory should be lower than your body’s temperature.

Phase-changing materials

To the higher end of the best options out there, you can find pillows using NASA’s technology, and I’m not joking. The American agency which is responsible for technology and science related to space developed this material which absorbs heat at high temperatures, and releases the heat when the temperature drops. This was meant to be used in spacesuits to keep astronauts’ bodies to a normal temperature. A popular choice among manufacturers that use this method of cooling is Iso-Cool Memory Foam pillow.

If you might not find the classification above helpful, perhaps the following categories will suit you better. This list of items reviewed is made up of pillows using the following material types:

  • Memory Foam – the general idea of these is that the manufacturer uses the same materials you can find in memory foam mattresses, together with a cooling liquid: gel or water. What is great about these products  is that they are going to be really comfy, as they will shape according to the owner’s body. As a result, their price might not be the cheapest on the market. If you decide to go with this type of material, I suggest opting for a shredded memory foam pillow over ones which are made of a single block. The shredded pieces will allow the air to flow much better, cooling your body easier and more efficient.
  • “Organic” – if you are a fan of organic products, then you might want to look for a cooling headrest filled with husks and shells. Compared to the previous category, these ones do not have any synthetic materials inside them and the cooling process is based on air flow. An organic product can be useful for people who have allergies to synthetic materials.
  • Latex – If memory foam might be too soft for your taste, then latex is the perfect choice for you. This material will shape according to your body, however it won’t flatten out.
  • Mixed – last but not least, some manufacturers offer cooling pillows filled with mixed materials. Some of them go for a gel agent packed with memory foam, ensuring your headrest will shape according to your body. As you can see so far, no matter what your needs are, there is definitely possible to find the best  choice for you.

Important factors worth considering when choosing your cooling cushion

By now you have probably settled on the type of material you wish your new pillow to be. Now, there are some other things you have to consider if you want to have the perfect sleep.

  • Support – no matter how cool your item is going to be, if it doesn’t provide the right support for your body, it is going to be completely useless. You need to realize that you are going to use your pillow every night, for at least 6-8 hours.  A bad one can result in headaches every morning, and you wouldn’t even know the reason. If you decide to purchase one of the top 10 items I have included above, you will be sure to have made the right choice. All models are manufactured to support both the neck and head, regardless of how sensitive you are.
  • Time – you might be interested to know the differences in terms of how fast a pillow can cool down based on its material. The winner here is the buckwheat, with a l time of just 2 minutes, while the ones using water as a method to coole down take up to 90 minutes. Memory foam, gel and PCM based alternatives take around 10 minutes.
  • Flexibility – long gone are the days when you would choose the same cushion, without actually knowing that size matters. Most products reviewed here will offer you the choice of different sizes, depending on your body.
  • Reliability – is your new purchase going to last a year? Maybe two? It is important that your new pillow will stay fluffy for its entire lifespan. When selecting which products to include in this top 10 list, I wanted to be sure that every pillow will last and keep its fluffiness for years.
  • Price – this is not really important when you think that this headrest is going to support your head and neck for years to come. However, I tried to include products which are going to be the best value at reasonable prices.

How to clean your low temperature pillow

As with just about any pillow, it is advised to give it a thorough clean from time to time. Even though you are using a cover, it is still recommended cleaning the product. A cooling cushion is no different.

Cleaning can vary based on the type of material used. A buckwheat hulls filled product is a bit more difficult to clean for example. You will need to empty the cushion of hulls and wash just the outer shell. If you have already washed the cushion with the hulls inside, I recommend you get the buckwheat hulls out and dry them. Otherwise, your pillow can have unpleasant odors.

A memory foam cooling pillow is no different than your normal memory foam one. You can clean it using a damp cloth and even machine wash it. Regardless of material, ensure you dry your cushion before using it to prevent any bad smells. The video below gives some tips about how to clean it.


At the end of the day, a pillow which cools down is required for those perfect sleeps. One can find this as unnecessary, but I would hold my words if you haven’t tried it. There are plenty of countries where temperatures are high for the entire year and I can’t imagine living there without a cooling place to rest my head on.

Thanks to top manufacturers in the field such as Sleep Innovations and Coop Home Goods, you have a wide range of options to choose from when looking for the top cooling pillow on the market. I put together a comprehensive guide covering the different types of material used in manufacturing this type of products, as well as how to care for it and what you need to keep in mind when buying one.

Before settling down on a choice, I advise you taking into consideration all these factors to ensure you don’t end up with the wrong product.

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