Best Grill Covers Reviews

If you are the type of person who enjoys making barbecue for the loved ones on a Sunday afternoon, then you surely know how important is a grill cover. Today we will be looking at best grill covers on the market, trying to identify the right one for your needs!

If you are not fully convinced that a grill cover is worth the investment, then by the time you will finish reading this guide, you will understand the various benefits that come with having a proper grill cover. I know for a fact that not everyone is able to store their barbecue inside, so the weather is going to damage the grill if there is no protection.

Features of most durable grill covers

grill cover features

A grill cover is not simply a piece of cloth, but there are also other things to consider apart from the material they are made of. You didn’t see this one coming, did you? Well, check out some of the features a best durable grill cover should have.


If you want your BBQ cover to last, then you will want the material to be of a good quality to ensure durability. A heavy duty material will protect your grill much better and in those windy days, your cover will not be blown away. It is much easier for a lighter cover to be blown away, unless you tie it down. This means much work and might not look as good.

However, most grill covers I have reviewed in this article are made of a good quality material so you don’t need to worry about any of them not being durable. I assure you that any of the ones discussed here will last you for ages.

Inside Lining

You want to ensure the inside lining is also of a good quality, otherwise it won’t resist to tearing and can get damaged easily from the inside. In other words, the inside of your grill cover is equally important to the material used for the outside. I am going to tell you, avoid woolly linings at any cost, no matter how good the exterior is. Those are perfect places for insects and other bugs. I highly recommend you go for a vinyl or polyester lining. I can’t stress enough how important is to protect your grill against water.


Pockets are not essential when looking for a best gas grill cover, but they surely come in handy. You can easily store your accessories or perhaps some of the cleaning materials required to take proper care of your cover. We will discuss how to maintain your grill cover in a few minutes, so make sure you don’t skip that part. This is essential if you want your cover to last for years.

Air Vents

Unlike pockets, I would say air vents is something you should look for when shopping around for best grill cover for winter. You want to have air flowing through your grill to prevent condensation. If there is condensation and moisture all the time, your grill might get rusty even though you protect it  using a waterproof grill cover. Another benefit of having air vents, is that on those windy days, it will be more difficult for your cover to be blown away. In case you are asking how many air vents you need, I would say around 4 air vents is about the right number.


Talking of winds, straps are definitely useful to keep your grill cover in place. Some of the covers, do come with straps but one can easily overlook this aspect when shopping around for the best grill cover. A good grill cover will come with elastic cords, as these are much easier to keep the cover tight down in place. Straps can also prevent animals going under your cover, which can potentially damage it.


Last but not least, quality! I can’t tell you how important is to not overlook quality at the cost of price. A cheap grill cover, will not last you ages for sure and soon you will need to look for another one. But if you increase your budget a little bit, you might get one which can last you for life! Some of the best grill cover brands out there are Weber or Khomo.

When shopping for a BBQ cover, you want to look for the best grill cover material to ensure prolonged exposure to sun and rain will not damage it.

There are various places you can get a grill cover, but unless you are doing your research and know what to look after, you might end up with something that might not suit your needs very well. No matter what you are looking for, the table below has covered them all, whether you want the best gas grill cover or best BBQ cover.

10. NFL Deluxe BBQ Cover – Best for sports lovers

nfl-deluxe-grill-coverBefore we go on and roll out the features of this one, allow me to say that this is the most beautiful grill cover of this review. Emblazoned with a dolphin sign with a rising sun in the background – a pattern of my favorite Miami Dolphin team, the NFL Deluxe Grill Cover is a must-have if you are enthusiastic about aesthetics like me. However, if you aren’t a Miami Dolphin fan – and is looking for a logo of your favorite team, sit tight as the NFL Deluxe Cover has got you covered.

On towards the serious part. This cover is not the biggest in the world. Nor does it comes in different size ranges. Hence, if you are going to buy it, acclimatize you to seeing the wheels of your grill because this cover won’t protect them.

As for the material of construction, this one is made up of vinyl. To be honest, vinyl isn’t the strongest MOC when it comes to protecting against tears. As the size might have suggested, this cover makes no such claims.

One area, however, where the vinyl MOC comes out with bright colors is its weather resistance. It is both UV and water proof. The resistance against UV comes more from its dark black color which absorbs all the radiations and offers zero reflectivity. This, in turn, allows black color – no matter which MOC – to retain its pattern. However, if you go for any other color – let’s say red – chances are that it would fade away in two seasons.

As for the water resistance, this is an area where vinyl is due to the credit. In stark contrast to other materials of construction, it doesn’t have interlocking seams to prevent water from seeping in. Rather, it is the slippery surface of vinyl which doesn’t allow the water to get in.

For, thanks to its slippery surface, the residence time of water over the vinyl surface is markedly less than that of PVC and Polyester. Consequently, with no drop formation, water won’t be allowed enough time to seep through it.

Another notable feature which stems from the Vinyl MOC is the inner soft material. Thanks to it, your grill won’t catch scratches.

As for the ease of maintenance, this cover has broken away from the tradition by going with the hook-and-look- straps. Instead of tightening it around the grill, these straps enable the grill cover to tie down it.

All in all, if you have a favorite team in NFL and just can’t get enough of it – but also want to protect your grill from adverse weather conditions, this cover is probably the only choice for you.

09. Classic Accessories Veranda – Most Durable Cover


Talking about the grill covers made by Veranda, almost all of them have one thing in common: extended size range. Ranging from the extra small size to triple extra-large, you could expect to find almost any size from the Veranda Grill Covers. This one, as you might guess, is no different. Starting from the extra small size, this one offers nine – yes NINE – different sizes to help you choose the most optimum for your grill.

Going back to basics, we applied the same criterion – which we defined at the very start of this article – to gauge this one. Let’s take a look at how this cover performed.

First of all, it’s the durability factor. Listening from those who have used it – and combined with our own experience with this cover, we could testify that it won’t last ages. In fact, you’d be lucky if you get to use it one-and-a-half year after its purchase. Cracks, meanwhile, would appear in half of this period. Hence, as far as the durability is concerned, this cover isn’t right up there with the best.

Secondly, it’s the weather resistance. Unsurprisingly, this cover is right up there with the best when it comes to water resistance. Maybe it’s because of its MOC or the protective backing which is used as an inner lining in this cover or the dark splash guard skirt. Whatever the reason, this cover offers an optimum water resistance.

Thirdly, it’s the ease of usage. When you buy such a cover which offers such extended size ranges. You’re bound to be skeptical of whether the cover would be easy to use or not. Thankfully, supplanted by the elastic hem cords, padded handles, and click-close straps, you could put this cover on/off with ease.

Fourthly, and finally, we look at this cover with the perspective of whether it would be easy to maintain or not. Unlike commonly held belief, maintenance doesn’t stop when you put your cover on the grill and pack it in its case. Rather, to be more pertinent, it starts from there. How the dirt and other impurities which the cover has accumulated during the time it was protecting the cover could be removed comes under the tag of maintenance.

Hence, to judge whether it was easy to maintain or not, we undertook a simple yet effective initiative: we hosed it down with a water pipe. To our surprise, this cover was remarkably easy to clean. We even didn’t have to use a brush for its cleaning. Maybe, this is because of the same lack of thickness which has decreased the shelf life of this product. Anyhow, while it was a weakness there, the decreased thickness came out to be a strength in this part.

Thus, after taking all the above-mentioned features into consideration, it is easier to say that this cover is best for those of you who would want to use it for at most 1 ½ years. Otherwise, better look somewhere else in this review to find the best cover for your grill.

08. Garden Home Cover – Waterproof Cover with air vents and large pocket


If there’s one word with which we could describe this cover, “huge” would suffice. Yes, it is the most expensive grill cover of this review. However, when you’d have taken a look at its features – and the huge size range and different color patterns that it provides, I presume that the price factor might become secondary to you.

Let’s start with the size. Most of the grill enthusiasts complain that while they had a huge grill to satiate their needs, they cannot find a cover to protect the grill. If you have been voicing similar concerns in the past, the huge size range offered by this one should be sufficient for your grill cover.

Starting from the standard 52’’ grill cover – which is adequate to cover small grills, this one goes right up to the mammoth 85’’ – which is enough to shroud a car. Thus, allow me to say that as far as size is concerned, this cover won’t leave you looking for more.

On towards the material of construction. To be honest with you, when I looked at its huge size, it occurred to me that the manufacturer might have compromised on the MOC. For, it seems a formidable task to provide such huge sizes with a high-duty fabric. How wrong was I!

For, while the fabric isn’t as thick as the KHOMO cover mentioned above in this review, it certainly isn’t as thin as the parachute cover mentioned above. Rather, when it comes to thickness, the fabric is neither too thick that you couldn’t rip it apart nor it is too lean that it would rip to shreds on the first hint of trouble – or the wind.

If you look closely at its outer structure, you’d witness a large zippered front pocket. Although not the darling of grill enthusiasts, it might come in handy if you are to save your grill equipment in it.

Moreover, to protect it from ripping to shreds, this cover has been provided with durable interlocking seams. These seams make sure that when this cover is tightly fit – which it should consider the fact that it comes with click-close straps, it remains in one piece.

However, if you feel that click-close straps don’t do justice to the huge size of this cover, don’t be rueful as it comes with an adjustable elastic cord. Supplanted with a toggle, this cord allows you to tighten this cover around the wheels/legs of your grill. Hence, no matter how hard the wind is blowing, this cover won’t simply go away.

Finally, while the fabric is breathable and sturdy, it does have a shortcoming, the color will fade on repeated sun exposure. This is truer if you have one for any other color apart from the brown one. Thus, giving you an unsolicited advice, go for the brown colored cover if you are to place it under the sun for extended periods.

07. Classic Accessories Veranda Island Grill Top Cover – best for top grills


So far in this review, we have gone with those grill aficionados who wanted such a grill cover which would cover their entire grill. However, since we cannot put all our eggs in one basket, we have decided to break with tradition and review a grill cover which would protect only the upper side of your grill. If you’ve been looking for such a grill cover, scroll down.

The first thing which struck me regarding this cover – in addition to its small size – was its material of construction. Almost all the covers mentioned above in this review were either made of PVC or polyester. This one, however, is made up of a parachute type material. Hence, size is not the only element where it differs from others.

If you aren’t aware of the nitpicking of parachute material, it is the one mostly used in tents. For, thanks to its high internal resistance, it doesn’t allow the water to seep in. Consequently, if you’re having a function and there is a chance of rain, erecting a parachute cover would save you from it.

Parachute covers, however, have one thing which doesn’t impress me. Their inner strength. While Veranda claims that the interior bound seams add impregnable strength to this cover, I would not bet my life on this claim. Thus, while the cover is water resistant, it won’t last seasons due to its less internal thickness.

Lack of thickness, thus, seems to be the only low point of this cover to me. For, if you are looking for comfort, the padded handles with which this cover comes should offer you some solace. As their name might suggest, padded handles give you the comfort to put this cover on/off with ease.

Also, if you are worried about aesthetics and wonder how this cover would look on your grill, don’t worry as its matched webbings have sorted you out. Adorned with the same color with which the rest of the cover is made, it would be difficult, at first sight, to distinguish the webbings from the cover. Hence, they do little to diminish the beauty of this cover.

One area where this cover has left others of this review far behind is the warranty which it offers. For, if you have read carefully the aforementioned reviews, you’d have noticed that the most of them, if not all, offer a limited one year warranty. This one, however, goes two steps ahead by offering a limited three-year warranty.

Lastly, this grill cover has the two features which separate an extraordinary grill cover from the run of the mill stuff: air vents and elastic cords. While the former would make sure your grill doesn’t catch rust, the latter would keep the cover tight to the grill even in windy conditions.

Thus, if you’ve been looking for a top grill cover which comes at a very reasonable price, not many out there could battle it out with the features offered by this one.

06. KHOMO Panther Series Waterproof Heavy Duty BBQ Cover

khomo waterproof grill cover

Sometimes, weather becomes so worse that no matter what the grill cover, it won’t keep your grill safe. If you live in an area which faces such weather anomalies frequently, this heavy duty grill cover from KHOMO Panther Series deserves your attention.

First of all, the material of construction. Most of the covers mentioned above were made up of either polyester or PVC fabrics. This one, however, goes one step ahead since 600D Oxford Polyester fabric is used in its construction.

You might ask: what do the 600D means? Well, D is the short form of denier – a unit of thickness. Hence, the bigger the D, the thicker the fabric will be. As for the 600D, it is arguably one of the thicker fabrics produced in this quality. It means that no matter what the weather conditions, the thickness of this fabric will keep it from tearing apart.

Boasting the highest density of any Oxford fabric, the basket type weaving allows this cover to provide good durability and breathable properties. Moreover, thanks to its PVC coating, you could see with your eyes bulks of water droplets which are not allowed by this cover to go on the inside.

Also, since it is abrasion resistant, this fabric prevents the accumulation of dirt between its fibers. Hence, while it isn’t the easiest to clean, this waterproof heavy duty cover would make sure that you don’t have to clean it often.

Now that we have taken a look at its quality, let’s turn our attention to the ease of usage. This is where three of its features come in handy: straps, pockets, and air vents. Talking about straps, there are two of them made available with this cover: leg straps and elastic hem cord.

As the name suggest, the “leg straps” would snug in tightly around the legs/wheels of your grill. As for the Elastic Hem Cord, you could tighten them around your grill with a toggle. In short, no matter how the wind is blowing, this fabric won’t simply blow away.

Now to the pockets. It would have been easier for KHOMO – thanks to the huge thickness of this fabric – to forget about air pockets. The credit, therefore, goes to them for providing them air pockets to allow the air to circulate the fabric when it is in use. This, in turn, makes sure that the fabric remains dry and your grill remains free from the fear of corrosion.

Lastly, we take a look at the air vents. Ask a veteran grill user and he’d tell you that air vents are necessary if you do not want your grill cover to form condensation or moisture on its inner surface. For, a constantly damp cover might allow rust to accumulate on the barbecue.

Moreover, talking about their underrated benefits, the air vents – by allowing air an easy way out – makes sure that the “ballooning capability” of your cover gets reduced to a minimum when it is windy out there.

Thus, if you are looking for a cover which is heavy, withstands the worst of weather conditions, doesn’t get ripped apart, and won’t get blown away by the wind – but is a little difficult to clean, this cover from KHOMO deserves your attention.

05. Weber 7149 Grill Cover with Storage Bag for Weber Charcoal Grills

weber-grill-coverUntil now, all the covers reviewed in this article resembled in their shape to that of a tent canopy. If there’s one which seems to break away with the tradition, it is the Weber 7149. Although not huge in size, it comes boxing down on the grill, acquiring a shape of a large cone. Thus, if you want to defy tradition, this cover has got you covered.

Now, we gauge this cover according to the criteria which we have set very early in our review. First, it’s the durability test. From our own experience and those of others who have used this cover, we could testify that this cover is shielded from cracks which start appearing in other covers after frequent usage.

This ability of the cover comes from its material of construction: namely polyester. In addition to being lightweight, the dryness of these covers – when combined with their ability to operate in different regions, testify to the increased usability of this cover.

Another useful feature of this cover – one which is hidden to the naked eye – is the integrated storage pouch. Take a look at other covers and you’d find that storage pouches are perched there, right on the very top, on the outside of the cover. To give this cover a more streamlined look, the storage pouch is on the inside of the cover. While this feature might seem benign to many, the lover of aesthetics would testify to its usefulness.

Another useful feature of this cover is the Velcro Straps. To be honest, for people like me who live in humid regions, these straps aren’t worth the extra money. However, if your area of residence has frequent rains and storms, these straps could be a lifesaver for your grill. Even if you don’t live in an area where the climate is relatively stable most of the year, these straps would keep animals from wiggling their way under the cover.

Air vents are another feature of this cover which deserves a mention. In addition to now allowing condensation or moisture to form on the underside of the cover, they would also make sure that your grill doesn’t catch corrosion and rust.

Finally, in addition to its limit size, it is the difficulty to maintain this cover which is its two major drawbacks. A cover which is designated as lightweight by its manufacturers would force others to think that it is easy to clean.

However, this is not the case with this cover. You just cannot hose it down with water and expect dust to go away. For, the integrity of this cover – which keeps it together in windy conditions, also doesn’t allow the dust to go away. Hence, once the dust has accumulated on its inner side, you’d have to have a brush at hand to wash this cover off the remnants of dirt.

04. Char-Broil 65″ Artisan Grill Cover – Mountain Green – Best Looking

char broil outdoor grill cover

Price, as we have stated earlier, is one of the major factors in the purchase of any product. While those with deep pockets do not look at the price tag, for the majority, it is the price tag which decides whether a product deserves their attention or not. If you fall in the majority, don’t worry as this product is one of the most inexpensive of our reviews. Hence, if you like its features, don’t worry about its price tag.

Looking at its material of construction, this one breaks away from its predecessors as it is made up of Vinyl. In addition to being waterproof, vinyl covers, which are 12-gauge, lasts over an extended period of time no matter what the conditions. Also, since their perviousness is less than of other fabrics, vinyl coated fabrics are known to last longer than their non-vinyl counterparts.

In addition to the MOC – which is made up of vinyl, the piping which extends support to this cover is made up of vinyl. This supplants this cover with extra strength, making it less prone to tearing apart on protracted usage.

Another advantage, one which stems from its material of construction is the ease with which you could clean this cover. All you need is a water hose and the dirt would come right off the cover with remarkable ease.

While it isn’t always the case, the lower price tag of this cover does supplant it with some major drawbacks. One of those drawbacks is the inability of this cover to withstand windy conditions. Since it doesn’t have any sort of Velcro straps, this cover might not protect your grill if the wind is blowing hard. Hence, if you live in an area which is windy, this cover might not be the optimum choice for you. However, if the price tag of this one isn’t allowing you to look elsewhere, you can take a stop-gap measure by putting a brick on its lower side. Not elegant but effective.

Another drawback of this cover is the limited size range. For, if you look closely at its picture, this cover stops right down at the wheels. Hence, if the water has accumulated on the lower side of the grill, this cover might not do enough to protect it.

Back to its benefits and one thing which impressed me the most about this cover – when juxtaposed with its price tag, was its waterproof ability. Unlike other covers in this review, the manufacturers of this one don’t say that it is waterproof. However, when you use it and encounter the tent-like canopy, you’d testify that water won’t leak through this cover with ease.

Lastly, as has become a norm of this article, we would finish reviewing this article on a low note. It’s color. While the color on itself is great, users who have used this cover long enough complain that the color starts to fade.

For, this cover has two colors: it is brown on the inside and green on the outside. As you might guess, the brown color won’t fade away. However, it is the dark green color which does the damage in the long run. Thus, if you are worried about aesthetics in your life, this cover might not suit the bill for you.

03. BBQ Cover – Cabana Style

cabana style grill cover

While the manufacturers didn’t recommend it, we were looking for covers which could prove to be multi-purpose for the users. In this way, in your spare time, you could use the same cover which keeps your grill safe to protect, let’s say, your kid’s bicycle which is out in the rain. While most of the covers could be used for similar purposes, the one right here is best known in this regard.

Conversely, if you’re looking for a grill cover which would do what it’s required to do – protect the grill, this cover won’t let you down either. Made up of PVC, this fabric has a double interlocking seam pattern which won’t allow the water to get through. Moreover, the porosity is so low that not even the tiniest of the dust particles could get through it.

The water and dust resistant ability of this cover, however, won’t interfere with its air vents. For, if you live in an area where rains are the order of the day, these air vents would make sure that after the rain stops, the cover could get dry in record time.

Another notable feature of this cover is the 4 security buckles. While the fancy name might put some people off, here’s the low down. This buckles would make sure that the cover sits tight on the grill no matter how rough the conditions. If you feel that these buckles aren’t secure enough, this cover offers straps with clips. Hence, if you want to tie it around the wheels/legs of the grill, these straps would allow you to do just that.

At the same time, to make sure you can put this cover on/off with ease, it has two loop handles – one on each side. They make it easy for you to take this cover on and off.

Also, if you have grown for grill covers in the past, you’d testify that their color fades with time. This cover, however, has made the weaknesses of others its strength. For, instead of going for a shiny color, it has gone for a dull brown. Hence, no matter in which condition you use it, the color won’t simply fade. Consequently, be it five months or five years, the color of this cover will remain the same.

Finally, as has become our habit, we have decided to finish on a low point. Some of the consumers who have used this cover complain that it was torn down after repeated usage. While this wasn’t a concern of the majority, still, this is a major flaw – if true – in the construction of this product.

02. Homitt Waterproof Cover – Best Waterproof Grill Cover

homitt waterproof grill cover

There you go then. Unlike the last grill cover which didn’t feature a huge brand name, the likes of Webber, Holland, and Char Broil in this one testify to the usefulness of this cover. Or, do they? Let’s find out.

Sticking to the criteria which we have set to gauge the effectiveness of this cover, this cover gets more marks than its above-mentioned counterpart. This is because it costs less, albeit marginally. You might say: lower quality is tantamount to lower price. Right? Wrong.

Suiting our criteria, this one is made up of PVC and coated with UV. However, it doesn’t stop there. Rather, to make it waterproof as the name suggests, it has a waterproof adhesive in its inner coating which epitomizes the water restraint shown by this cover.

Moreover, in addition to making it water resistant, the same adhesive makes this cover fade and ultraviolet resistant. Hence, if you are worried that UV rays – after passing through the ozone – will damage your beloved grill, this cover would take care of that.

One factor which is unique to this cover is its wind resistance. Most of the people whom I know do not value this quality in a grill cover. For, they live in areas where wind speeds aren’t disturbing. However, if you live in an area where the wind has the capacity to disrupt your plans – or your grill, this cover is a must-have.

If you live in a windy area, you know that making a wind cover which is wind resistant easier said than done. For, you might ask, how would this cover hold true to its water resistant ability in different conditions?

Well, it won’t. It’ll be your grill which would make this cover wind resistant. How? Thanks to the Velcro straps and the sewn in handles, not only will you be able to pull this cover off for usage but you would also be able to snug it up on the bottom.

Another unique selling proposition of this cover is its clean-ability. For, no matter how hard you try, the dust and the winds and the rains would make the covers dirty. If you have this cover at your disposal, all you need to clean it is to hose it down with enough water. Afterward, no fancy measures and just let it dry in the sun. Congrats, you have a brand new cover. Well, almost!

Finally, we have decided to feature on a low note. Despite all the aforementioned features, this cover has a major/minor (depends on how you look at it) setback. It’s warranty. For, while most grill covers offer a limited lifetime warranty, this one is offering a warranty of just 12-months. This, to me at least, seems to be a major downside of this cover.

However, if you feel that I’ve exaggerated with the warranty, there is no reason why this cover isn’t a must-have for you.

01. Classic Accessories Ravenna Cover – Premium BBQ Cover with Reinforced Fade-Resistant Fabric

ravenna grill cover

When we set out on our search for grill covers, there were many elements which we kept supreme: durability, size and material of construction, quality, weather resistance, and the ease of maintenance. Also, one factor which we dared not to miss was the price tag. When viewed against this criterion – which was very strict, to say the least, this grill cover ticked all the right boxes.

For, when we talk about durability, the inside lining of this cover – which is made up of Polyester fabric – shows that it would last ages. This is because of that, in addition, to dry quickly, polyester grill covers are very lightweight. Consequently, they could be used to any kind of weather, including heavy tropical rain, extreme summer heat, and winter frost. This versatility of polyester barbecue covers makes them a darling of many people.

As far as their dryness is concerned, these grill covers have structured vents in their inner side which cannot be seen with naked eye. Still, their permeability allows the air to pass in and out of the cover with ease.

However, if you think that this permeability would make these covers prone to water leakage, the water resistant backing of this cover suggests otherwise. Also, even if the water passes through this backing – the chances of which are pretty slim – the water resistant laminated undercoating gives this cover double protection against water molecules.

This permeability, in turn, comes from the mesh barriers which are used in the construction of the inner lining of this cover. As a result, even when it’s raining and the grill cover is out in your garden, you could put this cover on without any hint of damage.

Now, we turn our attention to its durability. For this purpose, the mere mention of double stitched seams should serve the purpose. Go to the market and you’d see many covers which come with single stitches.

While they would last longer if you handle them carefully, any kind of abuse and they would ditch you midway through the journey. However, thanks to the double stitched seams of this cover, it could handle the toughest of conditions without showing any signs of damage.

Likewise, if you are concerned about the ease of its usage, this cover comes with reinforced padded handles. The thickness of these handles has been deliberately reinforced to allow you the freedom to remove them easily.

Also, if you take a look at its pictures carefully, you’d notice a zipped-up pocket on the upper side of the cover. This pocket allows you to store grill accessories which you feel don’t deserve their place within the grill.

Finally, one thing which impressed me the most with this cover is its wide range. It comes in four different sizes – ranging from medium, large, extra-large, and to extra-extra-large. Hence, unless you haven’t got your grill from a different planet, this cover would cover it with aplomb.

Best Materials for BBQ Covers

grill cover material

Most popular materials used are polyester and vinyl, but there are also some more which might not be that popular, but that surely doesn’t mean they are not reliable. Below we will look at some of them and discuss the main differences.

Vinyl Covers

What this type of cover does well is protecting your grill from rain. The material is supposed to last for years, but bare in mind that a lighter variant might not provide the same protection as they are a lot easier to damage. You don’t want to shop around for a grill cover every year, therefore if you decide to get a vinyl grill cover, I recommend looking for a thicker material which will last you for a good amount of time.

Polyester Covers

A polyester grill cover is arguably better than a vinyl one, especially if we compare lighter versions. Unlike a vinyl one, a lighter polyester cover will not get damaged as easily and this is a big plus over the vinyl covers. Secondly, when wet, this type of material will dry up in minutes which is great for people who like in humid climates. What I like about this material, is that polyester grill covers can be easily used in a wide range of environments and they will perform just fine. From extreme summer heat to winter frost, this material will protect your grill no doubt!

Canvas Covers

On the higher end and more expensive grill covers, you will find canvas grill covers. If you don’t know exactly what this material is, I am just going to say that canvas is used for crafting boat sails. A canvas grill cover is really tough and is an excellent choice if you are looking for the best outdoor grill cover which will protect your equipment against fire, water and frost. In my opinion, canvas is a serious alternative to vinyl and polyester ones, especially if you live in a really hot country.

Our top 10 grill covers has a mix of all the materials listed above and as you can see, there might not be a huge difference between the types of materials, but it can surely make the difference depending on your needs.

How to maintain your grill cover

best grill coversTo ensure durability, you don’t need just best grill cover material, but it is equally important how you maintain it. The same goes for your grill, as the better you maintain it, the longer will last you. As you are going to use your grill cover for outdoors, it will surely get dirty and attract debris. Therefore, it is essential that you give it a good clean once in a while with warm water and soap. It is equally important that you perform some sort of cleaning procedure for your grill as well, so the smoke and grease won’t transfer to your cover.

At the end of the day, you need to remember that both the grill cover and the grill itself, will get in contact with the food you are preparing. Keeping them clean all the time is really important! There are loads of cleaning products out there, which by the way I will cover in another guide where I am going to show you how to properly clean your grill. What I personally do in order to keep bugs out of my grill cover is get one of those sprays and use it straight on the cover. Make sure you don’t spray something toxic which can get you sick.

It is equally important to have a perfect garden if you want to have a perfect time during your barbecue. You can read our guide on best weed killers to help you keep your garden under control.


As you can see, if you would like to keep your grill in perfect condition, there are some things you need to consider, especially a grill cover. There are plenty of brands for you to choose from so there is no clean answer to who makes the best grill cover. When it comes to material, there are also plenty of choices around so again, there is no right answer as to what is the best material for grill covers.

When you think that a grill cover will keep dust, debris and all types of dirt away from your grill, which you are using to prepare food, price should not be an issue. Furthermore, weather conditions can make your grill rusty, making its lifespan a lot shorter. You can easily overcome this issue by protecting it with an outdoor grill cover. Doing so, will also save you a lot of time from cleaning the grill every time you want to use it. The cover will do its job as long as you use it whenever you are not using the grill.

Plenty of brands floating around for you to choose from, however I selected the best options when creating this buying guide. Depending on your grill, the initial cost can be quite high and you surely want to protect your investment for as long as possible. As a result, a good grill cover will ensure your grill will function for many years from now!

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