New to decorative ladders? Here is what you need to know!

Using a decorative wooden ladder in your home

There’s a new trend in home decoration, one that fits into the vintage vibe that’s been with us for a few years now. Yes, decorative ladders are here and finally not confined to artist haunts, galleries or technology hipster hubs either!

decorative wooden ladder

decorative wooden ladder

We’re personally quite enthusiastic about decorative ladders. They’re a nice way to add a touch of style to your home whilst offering a unique way to create a set of shelves to store books on. We also think they’re the ultimate way to add a touch of rustic or industrial charm to a room, part of the reason they’re used frequently in artist or tech spaces.

Thinking about purchasing one? Well, we would suggest measuring the area where you’re looking to place your ladder, ensuring you have enough space without the ladder crowding out your room. Decorative ladders are a nice focal piece, yet they will easily fill a small room, our advice would be to only pick a decorative ladder for larger living/study rooms.

Don’t forget, you can also hang your ladder to a wall or even ceiling (Yes, we’ve actually seen this) quite easily. Something we’ll cover next.

Hanging a decorative ladder…


If you’re struggling to find the space to display your ladder within a room, you might like to think about fixing your ladder to a wall and using it as a traditional self unit. This has the benefit of creating storage space whilst avoiding the use of physical living space to display your ladder.

The best way to pull off the hanging ladder look, is to purchase a ladder with plenty of patina or distress and using L shape hooks to hang the ladder on the wall. You get extra cool marks for purchasing a pair of mild steel hooks and leaving them in the garden to rust for a few weeks before fitting!

Don’t forget, you can use your newly hung ladder as a shelf unit too. There’s nothing more trendy than a few books nestling between the steps of a distressed ladder!

Simply Propping Things Up…

This is probably the main way people will display a decorative ladder. Often people simply place the ladder against a wall, normally positioned with similar industrial or rustic pieces to compliment a look. We love this, it’s even better if you can make the ladder placement look “hap-hazard”. This for us makes the whole rustic look perfect and really sets off a living room or kitchen area.

Hang A Decorative Step Ladder Up Length Ways

You don’t have to hang your ladder vertically either. We think that hanging your ladder horizontally is the perfect way to display a ladder that might be a tad too tall to fit your room vertically.

To hang your ladder, simply use the exact same L shaped hooks as when creating a shelf unit. The exact same bonus points for rusting your L shape hooks apply too, as does placing those all important knickknacks between each step! You know it’s going to look perfect!

What you have to consider when choosing a decorative ladder?

There are more and more decorative ladders appearing on the market weekly, yet many aren’t great quality and lack that patina of the really well aged models. Never fear! We’ve looked at the entire market for decorative ladders, and listed the absolute top three available now. We’ve also made sure we pick one type of ladder from the different style trends.

  • Rustic industrial.
  • Library step ladder.
  • Oriental bamboo.

Whatever ladder you decide on, make sure you know where you want to mount it and ensure your walls and floor space allow for it. Most decorative ladders are about 4 or 5ft in height, making it easy to plan a “ladder space” whilst busy painting or finishing other parts of your interior project.

4ft Tall Primitive Barnwood Display Ladder

This ladder is perfect if you’re trying for a beach look, using reclaimed wood to create a rustic feel in your home. The ladder itself is made from 100% reclaimed wood, all heavily weathered.

The ladder is 4ft tall, 13 inches wide and 3.5 inches in depth. These ladders are designed with nail holes, small imperfections and knots – it all adds to the charm and would make this piece perfect for living rooms, kitchens or anywhere you’re looking for an industrial vibe.

We found this ladder to have all the rustic appeal you could want, and as it costs $44.95, will provide quite the focal point for a room at a pretty reasonable price.

Winsome 4 Tier A Frame Ladder

This ladder looses the rustic look, instead opting for a rather pleasing dark brown color. (The manufacturer calls this “Espresso”) Instead of steps, the Winsome ladder offers up slightly wider shelves which allow books or trinkets to be displayed. The Winsome ladder is pretty much the same height as the Barnwood ladder, coming in at about 4.5ft.

We like this ladder, it would look perfect in a study, living room or office where you’re planing on featuring lots of wood or want to create an old fashioned library type of space. It’s quite expensive, at $68.99 but is a lovely piece of furniture and should prove a nice piece for many years to come. It also has to be the coolest bookshelf money can buy.

5ft Bamboo Ladder Rack, Rosewood Stain

A very nice oriental look ladder, this piece of furniture is probably one you’ll fix to a wall rather than attempting to use as a shelf, it’s round bamboo lengths are just too thin to use for anything else. The ladder is 5ft tall and features genuine Val Tong bamboo, finished in a very pleasing rosewood stain. Overall we like this ladder, it’s completely different than a traditional ladder and should give any room a decidedly eastern feel to it. However, we would have love to have seen a bit more weathering to the bamboo and the signs of age related use.

Price is about right for a decorative ladder at $49.75, perfect if you know what look you’re going for and this ladder fits with that perfectly.

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