We spend 1/3rd of our life in our bedroom. It is the place where we make love, shed tears, celebrate happy moments, and get aggrieved in the sad ones. Still, one glance at our bedrooms and they tell us a sad tale.

Despite being such an important part of our lives, our bedrooms are often the least decorated area in our home. They get the last place every time we decide to give our house a new makeover. Consequently, most of the times our bedroom resembles as the step-child of the house.

Fortunately, when it comes to redesigning your bedroom, you don’t have to spend a ton. Neither do you have to shift everything while redecorating it. Rather, all you got to have are some good ideas on how you want your bedroom to look like. Act on them, and you’d have the bedroom of your dreams.

Which new furniture to have?

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You don’t have to purge the old furniture while going for the new one. Most of the time, all your old furniture requires is a bit of polishing and scratch repairs to look shiny once again. If you want to add something new, a plain white table – depending on the color of your room, won’t be bad. Not only will it make your room look more spacious, but it would also hide the signs of surface damage on your dressers.

Get a new Pillow?


Some pillows are only concerned with your comfort. Others that are slightly more expensive give your bedroom a more lavish look. If you are concerned about the former, there is a long range of products to choose from. There are cooling pillows which will keep your head cool at warm summer nights. There are shredded foam pillows which are suitable for all seasons. As for the latter choice, it all depends on the depth of your pocket. If you think you can afford to spend a considerable amount on a pillow, the options are there to be reaped.

Get a new Bed?

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Do you suffer from sore muscles, lack of sleep, and back pain? Good, it means you need a new bed. But what kind will meet your demands? Well, it depends on many things none of which are more important than the size of your bedroom. To have a comfortable bedroom, you need to have proper spaces on at least three sides of your bed.

A good bed would also complement the paint in your room. It should also work brilliantly in tandem with the mattress. Ticking these boxes might perch the price tag of your bed up there with the most expensive but the price paid will be justified as soon as you lay on it for the first time.



If you are willing to spend some money, technology will change the outlook of your bedroom. For example, consider the Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector. Whether you want to turn your wall or ceiling into a movie theater or a life-sized window, this project requires just seven inches of space to lit up your room.

Also, if you are in the mood of some lavish mood lighting, you can go for the ELGATO Avea Mood Light. It will make your room ultra-colorful.

Similarly, if it gets too cold out there in winter, you’re in need of a Nest Thermostat. You can make the environment of your room comfortable with this thermostat with only your smartphone.


home paintings

Paintings depend on your taste. You might want to go for one of Michelangelo’s masterpieces or you could simply hang your child’s first painting. Anything that brings a smile on your face!

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