Guide on Cleaning Your Bamboo Pillow

how to clean bamboo pillowSo, you bought a set of bamboo pillows a couple of months ago and their present condition has forced you to clean them. Cleaning your bamboo pillow isn’t the most difficult job in the world. All it takes is a good piece of advice (*ahem*) and a will on your part. Afterward, your bamboo pillow will become as soft and clean as it was when it arrived at your doorstep for the first time.

Can I wash bamboo Pillows?

A resounding YES! That, however, doesn’t mean that you take out your pillow and place it in a washing machine. Machines are way too aggressive and despite the fact that many bamboo pillow manufacturers suggest otherwise, most bamboo pillows available in the market are NOT machine washable. Thus, no matter how gentle or delicate the steps of your machine are, they are too aggressive for your bamboo pillow to handle.

How to Clean Your Bamboo Pillow?

There are two parts of your bamboo pillow: cover and the pillow itself. To clean the former, all you need is to remove it off the pillow and into the washing machine. The machine should be running on cold water and its cycle should be the most gentle. You might also hand wash this cover but machine-washing it would solve you some time. One which you will spend on cleaning the bamboo pillow.

As for the pillows, we are going to take a closer look at the things you will need during the process. Here is what you’ll need to get on with your mission:

  • Lukewarm water
  • Sink
  • Gentle detergent (Bleach not recommended)

First of all, fill your sink with lukewarm water. The water, as its name suggests, should neither be too cool nor should it be too hot. Both the extremes could affect both the performance as well as the quality of the pillow.

After you’ve filled the whole sink with water, lift your pillow and put it in the sink. Allow it to completely absorb the water. Don’t take the pillow out until it has gone fully wet. Now you need to apply a very small amount of the detergent to the pillow.

No matter how gentle the detergent is, you do not need to apply a large amount of it to the pillow. Bamboo pillows are delicate and even a small amount of chemical imbalance may wreck them. Better be safe than be sorry!

After applying the detergent to the outer parts of the pillow, squeeze it gently with your hands. This is because you want the detergent to go into every nook and corner of the pillow. Five minutes of squeezing will be more than enough.

Now, drain the sink off the detergent-filled water. Put the pillow in the empty sink and douse it with lukewarm water until all of the detergents has drained off it. Finally, rinse your pillow to make sure that every last drop of detergent has been removed.

Now you have washed your pillow, the next step involves drying it which will make it perfect for re-use. For this purpose, NEVER use a drier. Rather, place your pillow outside where it can get air-dry. The best place for getting your pillow air dry is one which is clean, flat, and receives a lot of sun.

Congrats! You have learned how to wash your bamboo pillow.

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