How to Make Your Home More Comfortable

comfortable home

comfortable home

Agreed, we don’t spend that much time in our homes which our ancestors used to spend in them back in their day. Our lives are busy, and we have less time to look after our comfort zone. We might not have enough money to spend on these “luxuries” because there are some “necessities” out there which deserve our money more. There is no point in denying all these legitimate complaints.

Still, we need to calm down to have a relaxed and fulfilling life. It doesn’t matter how much we are getting paid at work if our house is chaotic, disorganized, and full of discord. What use is the money which we cannot spend to make our lives better? And while some people may disagree with it, it is our home, and not our office, which will remain with us forever. Shouldn’t we, then, spend just a little to make it more comfortable?!

Here are some home decor tips if you want to make your home, and your life, more comfortable:

How to Create a more Comfortable Bedroom

Consider Purchasing a New Pillow

A pillow might serve two purposes: it might be luxurious to give your bed a lavish feel and/or it can be comfortable to give you a good night sleep. Also, it can be both, depending on the depth of your pocket.

You might want a new pillow if your old one is worn out. However, regardless of its condition, if you have trouble getting a good night sleep, try replacing it with a one which is more comfortable such as a bamboo pillow. There are some cooling pillows out there in the market which could cool your head to give you a good night sleep.

Consider putting in a couch or an oversized Chair

If you have space in your bedroom, you can utilize it by putting a couch or an oversized chair – where you can sit and read and watch television without having to wrinkle your bedsheet by sitting on it all the time. Put in some magazines which are not work related to let your mind wander away from the tensions of work. They could be related to sports, your favorite hobby or anything fashion related.

How to create a more comfortable living room?

Think about your furniture placement

Most of the time, our living room resembles a hodgepodge around the television set. This shouldn’t be the case if you want to make it more comfortable. Try finding out the focal point of your furniture? Do you want to keep your furniture around a fireplace or a large window? Do you want your chair to be directly underneath the hanging bulb?

Afterward, group the furniture to give it a more intimate setting. The color of the furniture shouldn’t be too showy like pink or black. They should either be complementing your wall color or just be white.

How to create a more tranquil bathroom?

As long as you are not living in an apartment which has neighbors who can peer in at will, you should have such a bathroom which only relies on natural light during the day. In the evening, use dimmers on your lights to give your bathroom a more soothing appearance. There is an increasing trend in people using a ladder to hang towels.

Also, if you like to read while in the bathroom, consider putting an inexpensive table near the bath tub to place a book, wine glass, or a cup of tea. However, if space is tight, using a bath tray will be equally effective.

What about the Kitchen?

Making sure your kitchen remains comfortable is one of the most time-consuming jobs in housework. Still, it is the most rewarding if you are fond of eating delicious dishes.

First of all, organize your cupboard from time to time. Remove items which you feel you no longer need and arrange the remaining. Make sure to keep like items with like items. You can also organize a coffee bar area to keep your coffee maker, coffee sugar, and coffee cups, or mugs.

Also, if you have children, make sure to have a snack drawer for them. If you want them to eat healthy foods, designate a counter for them inside the refrigerator. This counter should house healthy diets such as fruits, vegetables, and yogurt.



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