How to Stay Cool this Summer?

If it’s hot out there, you can risk yourself of contracting a heat illness unless you take the necessary precautions. Regardless of whether you are inside or outside your home, you should not only be aware of the heat and the humidity but also remain cognizant of how your body might react to it. Provided you follow our advice and act on the tips mentioned below, not only will you remain free from acquiring any heat illness but you will also stay cool in the upcoming summer.

Tip # 1: Stay out of the Sun

Even if you are not conscious about the effects sun rays might have on your face beauty, staying in the sun is never a good idea. That said, not all of us have the luxury of working in offices far away from the sun. Hence, it is better if we plan our time on the outside.

For example, if you have to study, do not do it under a tree shade but go to the library. If you are shopping, go from one shop to the next by remaining in the shade of the mall. If you have some time free in the middle of the afternoon which is the hottest part of the day, go see a movie or visit a museum or have a lunch with friends inside a restaurant.

However, if you have some urgent task and can’t do anything but walking under the watchful gaze of the sun, try taking an umbrella with you. If it is too hot out there, take a water bottle and wash your head when you feel that the heat is getting unbearable.

Tip # 2: Buy a Fan

Not all of us have the money to pay the bills of an air conditioner. Instead, go buy a fan because apart from dispersing the heat, it would also be less heavy on your pocket. If you have a little extra money to spend, go for a mist fan. Their energy consumption lies between those of ordinary fans and an air conditioner. They come with a water bucket and utilize this water to create a mist around you to prevent heat from getting to you.

Tip # 3: Change eating and drinking habits

Firstly, we turn our attention to your drinking habits. If you love water, you should drink it every 15 minutes even when on the inside. However, if you normally don’t drink water, go for sports drinks. They will keep you hydrated and give your body the necessary sugar and a mixture of Sodium, Potassium, and carbs to replace the minerals which your body might be losing through sweat. Moreover, unlike water which isn’t versatile in terms of taste, there are hundreds of flavors when it comes to sports drinks.

Tip # 4: Buy a Cooling Pillow

Most of us don’t realize it, but we are susceptible to acquiring heat-related diseases on a warm, hot night. Even if you don’t acquire a heat illness, a hot night might deprive you of a good night sleep. To prevent this from happening, consider purchasing a cooling pillow. They come in a variety of sizes for all types of sleepers so you won’t have to worry about whether they would suit you or not.


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